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Student Projects

Service-Learning: It's a Matter of Course

A goal of The North Star Service-Learning Project is the production of a variety of public history materials. These materials are prepared by college faculty and students through the coordination of the Center for Service-Learning. Faculty and students collaborate with Dr. David Anderson, member of the Freedom Trail Commission, educator and expert on the culture and arts of Africa and African-American people and on the Underground Railroad.

Freshman Seminar and Social Work students designed and created PowerPoint presentations and class activities that tell their interpretive story of the Underground Railroad, of activism, and of civil rights movements. The following downloadable materials are designed with interactive components for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.

Freshman Seminar student Alice Hallahan produced the Microsoft PowerPoint "Movements in Irish and African American Liberation Music" which examines:

  • The purpose of liberation music
  • The development of liberation music
  • History of underground railroad and Ireland
  • "Steal Away to Jesus," "Strange Fruit"
  • Music from Ireland
  • Connecting Africa and Ireland

Freshman Seminar Student Kaileigh Sheffer created a Microsoft PowerPoint entitled: "Liberation Music and the Underground Railroad" highlighting:

  • Music as a call for change
  • Music in different time periods
  • Gospel, rock
  • Relating songs to others

Social Work student Ashley Barry created an UGRR Questionnaire/handout and a Microsoft Powerpoint entitled "Freedom Seekers: Past and Present." These documents focus on:

  • Rochester abolitionism
  • Answering questions from handout
  • Current freedom issues

Social Work student Julie Miller developed the Microsoft PowerPoint "Underground Railroad Quilt Project" discussing:

  • UGRR and New York history
  • Student activity to make quilt patches of a route to safety
  • Examines two children's books Sweet Clara and the Road to Freedom and Under the Quilt of Night by Deborah Hopkinson
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