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SPN 315 - Urban Chronicles and Modernity in Latin America


Dr. Hilda Chacon

Course Description

This is an upper level course for Spanish majors and qualified minors. The course explores the liminal genre of urban chronicles, or narratives that describe the city as perceived by wanderers who have strolled each corner, each interstice, each spot in the cities –including those spaces usually out-of-sight for the common stroller. Written chronicles, as well as movies, music, comics, and Internet sites will allow students to peek into the vast variety and cultural wealth of Latin American cities as currently experienced. This course may include a service-learning project.

Service Component

Students engage in a service learning project where they research about the presence of Caribbean migrants in Rochester, interview a few persons from that community, visit important sites, and eventually produce a collective final project gathering the stories/voice of those migrants in the city of Rochester.  this production is then donated to the Puerto Rican Youth Development agency for further diffusion among their members.  The class celebrates the legacy of Caribbeans in Rochester through their music and food contributions to our city.



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