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SCI.Q 132L - Nutrition Concepts Laboratory


Sheila Brady Root

Course Description

(Perspectives Enduring Questions) This P(EQ) lab course will explore the questions: How do we apply the scientific method to gain knowledge of food content? How can we design an experiment to obtain optimal information in order to increase our knowledge about foods?
Prerequisites & Notes
Course Codes: BR Additional course fee required. Co-req: SCI.Q 131.

Service Component

In the 4 1/2 years that Nazareth College has been hosting the “Naz Market” over 300 students have partnered with 450 children from local schools and community centers to teach and learn more about good nutrition and wellness.

Students choose a topic of interest that deals with the chemistry of nutrition.  Then they research this area of interest in order to develop a hands-on activity that enhances the basic topic they have chosen.  The topic may deal with the three main energy components of food (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) , vitamins, minerals, calories, obesity, sustainability (learning what can be recycled and what not to put into the environment; ex.  food containers), dealing with biology and digestion, or other systems, how glucose is used by body for energy, teeth care, many comparing products and what main substances are good for you and others not as good for wellness. We have never had two projects that are the same. This also allows Nazareth students to use their talents, creativity to produce an activity that has the basis in science.

Students also produce a CD with all materials to duplicate their activity plus resources, permission to use the activity, and safety. The cover for the CD is designed by an art major (Sr.) taking the course.

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