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PTR 222 - Professional Issues II


Michelle Donahue

Course Description

The second in a series of three, this course will build on the foundation provided in the first course and prepares students for their first full-time clinical experience. Topics addressed include: Roles of the PT as a researcher, educator, consultant, and researcher team work and delegation with the PTA. Students will also begin explore the psychological issues important to rehabilitation.

Service Component

Students will apply the information learned in the first professional course of the Professional Issues series when running twenty hours of both on and off-campus pro-bono services for various underserved patients/clients in the Rochester community under the direct supervision of faculty.  Each student will participate in structured learning opportunities to develop their cultural competence, professionalism, and communication skills with patients/clients/colleagues in two different integrated clinical placements.  Reflection and self-assessment are key concepts of this course.  This course is in its first year of partnership with the Highlands of Pittsford, its second year with Legacy Clover Blossom, and has sustained partnerships with Centro De Oro and the Hickok Center for over 10 years.

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