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PSY 355 - Aging and Community Service

Course Description

This course integrates community placement in elder care and adult residential settings with some of the major theories and facts related to the biological, psychological and social characteristics of older adults, as well as with the research investigating the various ways in which older adults influence, and are influenced by, their community.

Service Component

An inner-city Cub Scout group will be meeting with 5 Nazareth students and 5 residents of St. Johns Meadows to design pinewood derby cars.  The adults will help with design and cutting of the cars and the Cub Scouts will sand and paint their cars.  After the cares are completed, they will be in a "pinewood derby" race held on December 3, 2013.  This particular Cub Scout troop is compromised of a group of children that are sponsored by a prison ministry.  Each of these boys has a family member that is currently incarcerated.  By providing positive role models that will spend time with them, we hope to achieve a positive experience for not only the children, but for the elders from St. John's as well.

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