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LST 301 - Language and Literacy Development


Dr. Meg Callahan

Course Description

An introductory theoretical and practical course that addresses both the general and the particular nature of the language, learning, and cognitive processes for pre-adolescents and adolescents including adolescents with disabilities. The principles of language acquisition and development are examined. The course explores how reading and listening (receptive language arts), and speaking and writing and visualizing (expressive language arts) as well as literacy technology, function in learning. Specific language skills needed for success in social studies, English, mathematics, science and languages other than English serve as a basis for understanding how to deliver effective instruction to all middle and high school students. Special education and including diverse learners and adolescent literacy are major topics.
Prerequisites & Notes
Course Codes: BHMR. This course is required for Adolescence Certification; it is also recommended for juniors and seniors in Education, Community Youth Development, or related fields.

Service Component

For four years, Nazareth College has partnered with East High School's Teaching & Learning institute,

in a collaboration wherein Nazareth students interview youth about teaching & learning experiences, and East High students come to Naz to create digital compositions on GarageBand.

For more information on the East High School Teaching and Learning Institute, see:

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