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FRN 204G - Introduction to African and Caribbean Literature and Cultures


Dr. Mireille Le Breton

Course Description

A study of France and the francophone countries in their geographical, economic, political, and cultural aspects. For students with three years of foreign language study or departmental approval.  This course focuses on literature, film, and society in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean.

Service Component

Working on the West African country of Senegal in the first part of class, students will carry out research on the ties that connect Senegal, France, and America, and organize events that engage members of the Rochester community with the campus community.  Students will be able to integrate lessons from class in the real world, by meeting and sharing research with pupils at Williamson High School, who will also be researching Senegal and also by interacting with the African population of Rochester, through the Baobab Cultural Center.  Students also have a unique opportunity to plan the visit of Dr. Babacar Fall, a Senegalese Historian of Education, and present with Dr. Fall.

For more information on the Baobab Cultural Center, visit:

For more information on Dr. Babacar Fall, see:

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