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ECO 340 - Labor Economics


Dr. Joseph DaBoll-Lavoie

Course Description

(Perspectives II course) Theories of labor markets, including human capital theory, imperfect labor, market theories, discrimination, and unemployment. Also explores unions and collective bargaining from an economic perspective.
Prerequisites & Notes
Course Codes: R. Prereq: ECO 101, ECO 102.

Service Component

Through a four year partnership with Bill McKee, Administrative Coordinator and Sadiya Omar, Vice President, of the Forced Migration Studies Program/Somali Community of Western, NY and a three year service partnership with Reverend Bill Witt and Rural Migrant Ministries, students are offered a unique opportunity to study labor economics in the real world.  Some students volunteer to work with migrant workers in Lyons, NY through RRM, teaching them music for migrant band outreach, while others performed research for the organization.  Others volunteered to do IT service for FMSP/SCWNY.  Others tutored the elderly and the Senior Jewish Life Center on computer skills or at the Saints Place, working with refugees.

For more information on the RMM, visit:

For more information on the Forced Migration Studies Program, see:


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