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ANT 102 - Introduction to Archaeology & Physical Anthropology


Dr. Yamuna Sangarasivam

Course Description

(Perspectives I course) This course provides a broad introduction to the principle concepts and methods of archaeology and physical anthropology with a specific emphasis on the development of archaeological theories and methodologies in the study of material remains left by previous civilizations.

Service Component

The service-learning component of this course is organized by on the principles of social justice in learning about the intersections of archaeology and the study of civil rights struggles in the U.S. In collaboration with a specific community partner Nazareth College students will create learning activities that invite themselves and the service partner to explore the role of archaeology in understanding the importance of excavating the past in order to understand who we are today. We also study the role of archaeology in studying public history sites—such as the Harriet Tubman Homestead and the William H. Seward House in Auburn—that inform local and national communities about the history and making of national, cultural narratives.

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