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AED 354L - Art Education Lab


Courtney Dental and Kristen Pullen

Course Description

This course will provide the student with the basic teaching skills and 15 hours of field experience necessary for success during student teaching.

Service-Learning Component

This course has sustained a 3 year working partnership with parents and students from the Advocacy Center of Rochester to design a service-learning project that will help students learn about diverse learning needs.  This project is conducted in small groups and is highly individualized depending on parent/student interests and IEPs.  AED 354 students are required to write contact letters to the parents, interview parents, collaborate to design a project, write specialized units, and present their findings/unit via a formal presentation to the class and parents at the end of the semester.  The group must submit three bound, color-copied reports, with all project outcomes/reflections/presentation materials, to the instructor with a completed evaluation to be graded.  One of these are submitted to the Advocacy Center as a final result of the group's service-learning project, one becomes a permanent record at Nazareth, and one is given to the parents as an artifact of the experiences.  It is recommended that students also create one for their own professional portfolio.

For more information on the Advocacy Center, please visit:

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