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How to Set up a Service Learning Course

Purpose and Rationale

In the Nazareth Vision Statement created in 1999, three general themes were articulated. They included: Off Campus Learning, Excellence in Teaching, and Respect for Diversity. Service-Learning connects directly to each of these three themes. As such, it provides a way for the college to achieve its Vision Statement through its academic curriculum.

Pedagogy and Enhancement of Student Learning in Service-Learning:

In a 1999 summary of research into the effects of Service-Learning, Janet Eyler and her colleagues found, among other results, that Service-Learning:

  • Has an impact on such academic outcomes as demonstrated complexity of understanding, problem analysis, critical thinking and cognitive development.
  • Has a positive impact on students' academic learning, particularly when integrated with course content.
  • Results in students building stronger relationships with faculty than students not engaged in Service-Learning.
  • Has a positive effect on reducing stereotypes and facilitating cultural & racial understanding.
  • Has a positive effect on sense of social responsibility and citizenship skills
  • Has a positive effect on interpersonal development, the ability to work well with others, leadership and communication skills.
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