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Room Changes

Let's face it, sometimes certain living arrangements just don't work out for the best.

Please DO NOT take it upon yourself to change rooms without going through the Office of Residential Life - it really makes things messy for everyone, including yourself! After you've spoken with your RA and have tried everything possible to resolve the situation, you can fill out a Room Change Request Form, located in the Office of Residential Life.

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT YOUR REQUEST WILL BE FULFILLED, as we like to keep our Residence Halls filled at maximum capacity and there may not be any other options for you.

Once your request is complete, you will be placed on a Room Change waiting list and will be notified if anything opens up for you. If you do change rooms, please be sure to notify both your new and former RA that you are moving so all of the appropriate paperwork can be completed. DON'T FORGET TO RETURN YOUR KEY!

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