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Housing FAQs for Returning Students

Most frequently asked housing questions:

Housing FAQs

Is there a charge for canceling the room contract?

Yes. Once submitted, the Room Contract is a legal document similar to a lease. The Cancellation Fee is $250.00 If you plan to move off-campus you need to notify Residential Life as soon as possible otherwise you will be billed for housing and those charges will be reflected in your term bill. There is a Room Cancellation Form available in the Department of Residential Life.

Will moving off-campus affect my financial aid?

That is a question you need to direct to the Financial Aid Office. They make that determination.

I want a Room Change. My friend is leaving a single can I just take that?

Sorry, no. The room change list is kept in order by class. Changes received right after the lottery are randomized and placed in order by class standing beginning with seniors. Change requests received after a certain deadline are placed at the end of the appropriate class as received. You can specify that you wish to move to a certain room, however, that room may not be available by the time we reach your name on the Room Change Waiting List. You need to be flexible and list as many options as possible. We will do our best to honor your preferences, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Can I move in with my friend Marge? Her roommate is leaving.

You can fill out a Room Change Request Form. However, we may or may not have been notified that Marge's roommate is leaving. We have to receive official notification that a room is being vacated before we remove the student. You may want to have Marge's roommate contact us so that we know for certain when the roommate is leaving. We will do our best to honor your preference, but we cannot make any guarantees. There may be others ahead of you for a room in the same area and we work through the list in order.

There's a room open across the hall; can I move my stuff over there? I'm in a triple.

Students are moved to standard housing in an orderly fashion based on the date that the room contract was received. If you are the next person to be moved to standard housing, we can see if that space is one you can have. If not, we can tell you where you are on the list of students to move. If you are having difficulties with your roommates, you should set you up an appointment with your Area Director.

I forgot my mailbox combination. How do I find it out?

You can access your mailbox number on your MyHousing account.

Can I stay on campus during the breaks?

Residence halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Recess. All students must vacate their rooms at that time. The only exceptions are certain approved interns, student teachers, international students, and athletes for sports in season during the vacation. If you need to work on campus or in Rochester; do not want to travel home; have some business in the area; or need to catch up on your sleep during the official breaks, you need to find alternative housing off-campus. Your Residence Halls Room Contract is not in effect during the breaks.

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