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Residential Life

Residential Life

Reasons to Live on Campus Where else can you wear flip flops all year (tunnels!), meet tons of people, and save money (really, it's cheaper)? Campus living is a great choice.

Why live on campus? Aside from the convenience of living within walking distance of your classes, the library, and computer labs, studies show that students who choose to live on campus enjoy the added benefit of being more successful both academically and socially.

On-campus living gives you the chance to spend more time getting to know your classmates, allows you to participate in student-run clubs and organizations, and increases your ability to become a part of the Nazareth community by attending campus events.  Living on campus enhances your College experience, and gives you the opportunity to make the most of your years at Nazareth.

Our main objective is to create a residential atmosphere that encourages and supports your relationships with others, helps you to learn and develop, and gives you the freedom to explore the Nazareth community.

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