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La Maison Francaise

French House-interior

French House-interior-2

Room Rates

    Room rates are available on the the Student Accounts website

    La Maison Francaise

    La Maison Française is a beautiful home converted into a residence hall for selected French / Foreign language majors. The French House, as it is popularly called, offers an environment for those students who wish to immerse themselves in French culture. The thirteen residents are a mix of classes especially selected by the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department for residency in the house.

    Other non-residents come by for the numerous special programs, movies, receptions and dinners, which are open to the entire campus.

    Location: Southeast Campus
    Population: 13

    Room Dimensions:

    Converted Mansion: Room sizes are varied but generous.

    Window Dimensions: Varied

    Please note that the French House is a residence hall and as such is not available to rent.

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