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Residence Hall Services

The following services are available to all resident students.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Facilities Management

The environmental services staff is responsible for cleaning the hallways, lounges, and other public areas. They work seven days a week. Part of responsible community living is picking up after yourself and not littering. The environmental services staff is not responsible for cleaning areas that are excessively dirty or abused. Also, please note: The staff does not do dishes. Always clean your dishes and remove them from the kitchen after each use. Environmental services staff is, for the most part, assigned to a specific building. Please say hello to the staff whenever you see them around. They are a vital part of the residential community. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your RA. He/she will know where to direct you.

The maintenance staff will complete any repairs needed in your room. Let your RA know if you need routine repairs, such as sticky locks, broken chairs, etc. All maintenance requests are handled on a priority basis and are filled as soon as possible. If your request has not been completed within five working days, please tell your RA. He/she will follow up. Please call the RA on duty with any emergency maintenance requests, such as a flooding toilet, malfunctioning smoke detector, etc. The RA will call campus safety and a member of the facilities staff will respond.

We want to stress that it takes everyone working together to make this a community. In the past several years, considerable money and resources have been invested on maintaining and upgrading the residence halls. Any repairs (beyond normal wear and tear) or vandalism may be assessed to students. Please do your part to keep our community clean and damage free.


These are your residence halls. This is your home away from home. Please be concerned about safety. Treat your community with respect and pride by keeping your kitchen clean. Do not leave cooking food unattended. If you are making a meal or snack, please do not turn on burners and walk away. Working together we can all enhance fire safety and prevent disasters. To that end:

  1. Dispose of all garbage.
  2. Wash and remove your dishes.
  3. Wipe up any spillage on the floors.
  4. Clean splatters on the stove, counter tops, and in the microwaves.
  5. Double check to make sure you have turned off all burners.

Pest Control

Please notify your RA or AD if you have any problems with insects or rodents in your room. A member of the facilities staff will enter your room during regular business hours to take care of the problem. You do not have to be present, but make sure you give an accurate description of what and where the problem is. Please keep rooms neat and clean and limit the amount of food and debris. This will help to reduce breeding places for pests.


For best results, do not block your heating unit. Try to keep all furniture at least 12 inches away from the unit. Keep length of drapes above the unit. During the cold weather, make sure the windows are closed and locked. We do not have the most energy efficient windows and therefore rooms can get drafty in Rochester's cold winters. Your cooperation in helping us to conserve costly energy is appreciated. If you feel that your heating unit is malfunctioning, please report it to your RA or AD.

Trash & Recycling

Please dispose of all trash in the large trash bins in the trash rooms on each floor. These barrels are emptied every day. Monroe County has a mandatory recycling law. Please rinse and place all cans and bottles in the properly marked recycling bins in the trash rooms. The blue bin is for newspapers; corrugated cardboard and brown paper; paper bags; white and colored typing paper; magazines; notebook, duplicating, and computer paper. If you have any questions, call environmental services (ext. 2348) or the Monroe County Recycling Hotline at 585-253-4425.


Computer Connections

Each residence hall room is equipped with a green computer jack, one for each student at standard occupancy. The green data jacks are separate so that each student can have his/her own computer operating simultaneously. Please note: This differs from the blue telephone jacks, which are tied to one number per room. The data jacks can only be used with network computer cards.

All campus administrative buildings and residences halls feature pervasive wireless network access. The public wireless network name (or SSID) to connect to is "Naz Open Wifi".

Connection to the campus computer network will give you access to a variety of campus resources, including e-mail and the internet. Using this connection and these resources implies that you have read and agree to the Campus Computing Code of Conduct. Copies of this code are available from Information Technology Services (in the lower level of the library). Time Warner provides internet access. During check-in, you will receive a packet of information about these services.

Express Mail Delivery

Office Services will send and receive express mail. You will be called directly if your telephone number is on the package. If not, message will be routed via your RA. Please do not wait a week to pick up express mail. Help us give you the best service by cooperating with College offices.

Game Room

There is a game room with a pool table and ping pong table located on the ground floor of Lourdes Hall near the environmental services office. This room is staffed and open for student use; please look for a posted schedule of hours and activities. The game room attendant also has access to board games, which are available for check-out (provided you have the proper ID). This room is adjacent to the Lourdes Lounge, which has a large TV.

Health Services

The student health services is located in the Student Wellness Center. Hours are posted each semester. Generally, they are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need medical assistance, please call (585) 389-2500, or visit the office. When health services is closed, students may call Fone Med, the Nurse Advice Line, toll-free at 1-866-910-5313. In case of a medical emergency when the health services office is not open, call campus safety at (585)389-2850. Campus safety personnel will respond and take appropriate measures to contact medical assistance.


Washers and dryers are located in each area and are free of charge. If you discover that a machine is inoperable, please call the number posted in the laundry room for repairs or let your RA know immediately. A repair person will check the machine within 24 hours. Always remove your clothes from the machines as soon as they are finished. This not only makes it more convenient for others who need the machines, but it also cuts down on the possibility of theft.

Mail Service

Mail is delivered once a day (except on Saturday and Sunday) to the mail room on the lower level of the Otto A. Shults Community Center. Stamps may be purchased in office services (Smyth Hall, room 47) and at the information desk on the first floor of Otto A. Shults Community Center. If you have questions concerning mail delivery or if you misplaced your P.O. Box combination, please inquire at the residential life office.

Mailbox Directions

Most mailboxes have a dial with a set of letters on it with four hash marks in between each letter. In order to open your box, you must line up the appropriate hash mark with the marker above each dial. The diagram in the mail room shows how the dials should be set to open the box. The free standing mailboxes operate differently. If you have problems opening your mailbox, ask an upper-class student or mail room worker to help you, or call residential life at ext. 2480.


Parking is available to all students at a nominal fee with a valid parking sticker. Stickers are available at the campus safety office located on the lower level of the Otto A. Shults Community Center. In order to obtain a parking sticker, you must provide campus safety with your license plate number, as well as the make and model of your car. Residents may not park in reserved spaces. Driving or parking on pathways is strictly prohibited. Please read carefully and adhere to the parking regulations.

Campus Safety

The department of campus safety is located on the lower level of the Otto A. Shults Community Center. The office is open and in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The office works closely with residential life to help make the campus more secure. At any time, if you need emergency assistance, you can call campus safety at (585) 389-2850. Be sure to give the dispatcher all of the important information including your name, location, and nature of the problem. The campus safety staff also provides an on-campus escort service. Feel free to contact them with requests for assistance or questions on safety and security.

Campus Safety Escort Service

Campus safety will provide security escort service at any time. Please call (585) 389-2850 and state who and where you are. The dispatcher will then give an estimated time of arrival for the escort.

Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to sign up for the free Security Escort beeper. When activated these easy to carry alarms provide Campus Safety with the location of the person activating the alarm even when the person is moving. Security Officers will immediately respond to the location of the alarm.

Telephone Service

Due to the preferred use of personal cell phones and rising costs of supplying voicemail services, Nazareth College no longer provides telephone service and voicemail as standard services in residence halls as of the 2011-2012 academic year. For more information on telephone service, please consult the technology and media services website:

Nazareth is also equipped with blue light emergency telephones throughout campus. These telephones provide direct access to campus safety. When calling from a campus telephone in an emergency, dial ext. 3333. For emergencies, you can reach campus safety on your cellphone by dialing 585-389-2850 on or off campus.

Neither the department of residential life nor Nazareth College is responsible for payment or non-payment of telephone bills and cannot address issues involving phone bill concerns.

Cable TV

Technology and media services can direct you to the appropriate site by calling the help desk at (585) 389-2111. A Campus Channel Lineup is available in the Time Warner packet handed out at check-in.


Each residence hall room and all lounges are equipped with cable access. Subscription to the cable service in your room is included in your room rate. Any cable-ready television and standard TV-to-wall-jack cable should work.

Several of the lounges are also equipped with VCR or DVD players. Please treat these with care. They are provided as a service and are expensive to maintain. In previous years, several of these items were vandalized or stolen. Help us maintain services for the entire community.

If you believe you are having trouble with your cable jack, please make certain it is not your equipment that is causing the problem. For more information, please call the technology and media services desk at (585) 389-2111.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in each area. Immediate cash refunds are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the campus safety office. Please call Loose Ends at 585-475-1540 if you have problems with the snack machines and Pepsi at 1-800-845-4782 if you have problems with the soda pop machines.

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