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RA as a Representative

Each RA is a front-line, para-professional staff member of Nazareth College. As such, it is expected that the RA's behavior, both on and off campus, will reflect the ideals of the Nazareth community. Actions should represent the best of what it means to be a representative of the College and should in no way appear to condone violations of law or campus policy. In addition, words and actions should reflect a respect for the worth and dignity of each individual.

Confrontation and Confidentiality

Staff members have the right to expect fellow staff members to follow the principles stated here. Each RA has the responsibility to confront, personally and professionally, any RA staff member who may be involved in questionable behavior that may prove detrimental to the College or Department of Residential Life. The maintenance of high standards of conduct and consistency of policy enforcement ensures the professional integrity of the program. Confidentiality is expected of all staff members. Information should be shared on a "need-to-know" basis; however no RA should promise unconditional confidentiality to residents or other staff members. All staff members are obligated to report to their immediate supervisor situations that endanger the health, safety, and/or welfare of students.

Other Employment/ Activities

RAs are required to devote at least 20 hours per week to the position. Participation in outside activities on campus does strengthen the RA's knowledge of campus resources and activities. However, over involvement in such outside activities poses a challenge and threatens productivity and job performance. To this end, we have limited the number of hours for outside activities including overload of courses, extra curricular activities and outside employment to 15 hours. If the RA wishes to seek further employment elsewhere, this must be approved by the supervising AD prior to securing a position.

A Resident Assistant will work as an advisor to individual students and student groups, and as an assistant in the general management of the residence halls. The responsibilities of a Resident Assistant are many and varied.


Major responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  1. Know all residents of floor/wing through direct interaction and by being available and visible.
  2. Promote individual and group activities which foster a sense of community among residents.
  3. Address and intervene in activities and behaviors which are destructive to individuals or the community in the living areas. When necessary, confront individuals whose behavior is unacceptable.
  4. Serve as a role model for students.
  5. Discuss and clarify at the beginning of each semester college and residence hall rules, regulations, policies and procedures so that all floor members understand them.
  6. Encourage residents to establish their own sense of community and monitor themselves appropriately.
  7. Maintain proper communication with residents through scheduling of floor meetings and posting important information.
  8. Be familiar with resources on and off campus (e.g. Campus Safety, Health Services, Academic Advising, Counseling Services, Financial Aid, etc.).
  9. Know the College residence hall's regulations and policies. Encourage and assist residents in taking responsibility for what happens on the floor/wing.
  10. Intervene in conflict situations and assist students in resolving the conflict on their own, or make referrals where appropriate.
  11. Assist students in addressing personal, social and academic needs on a para-professional level. Be knowledgeable and prepared to refer students to College counseling and advising programs.


  1. Identify student's academic and extra-curricular interests.
  2. Be responsible for providing a minimum of four (4) programs and eight (8) community builders each semester. Our current programming model is based on a wellness square.
  3. Assist in planning the initial welcome orientation of students to residence living.
  4. Encourage student participation in development and implementation of programs pertaining to intercultural competence, student discovery, civic engagement, and personal well-being.
  5. Be familiar with College policy and regulations governing alcohol and the registration of activities.


  1. Learn to recognize behavioral cues which may indicate emotional problems in order to intervene early.
  2. Develop a good rapport with residents on the floor/wing.
  3. Demonstrate flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of students, problems, staff and policies.
  4. Maintain confidentiality.
  5. Be able to control personal emotions, temper and prejudices.
  6. Work closely under the supervision of the Area Director (AD) or Assistant Director (AD).
  7. Support members of the immediate staff, area team and other Residential Life Staff.
  8. Encourage the development of leadership skills among residents.


  1. Must work an average of 20 hours per week and may receive one weekend off per month, with the approval of the AD.
  2. Must have prior approval from the AD in order to hold outside employment in addition to the RA position. A maximum of 15 hours per week may be allowed for employment and other activities.
  3. Must have prior approval from the AD in order to register for more than 18 credit hours.
  4. Will serve on a rotating basis with other RAs for daily and weekend duty as specified in the Residential Life Duty Guidelines.


  1. Be familiar with Residential Life operation and procedures.
  2. Ensure that necessary forms and reports are completed and turned in on a timely basis.
  3. Assist in opening and closing the building at the beginning and end of each semester and at vacation periods. Resident Assistants will be the last to leave before vacation and the first to arrive after vacation.
  4. Attend and participate in all staff meetings, workshops and Spring, Fall and Mid-Year staff development programs.
  5. Read and utilize the RA Manual.
  6. Must actively participate in the RA Selection Process and Housing Selection.
  7. Must remain working on campus during Senior Week in May, Commencement and closing.
  8. Have a working knowledge of procedures to follow in emergency situations. Assist students, staff and College personnel in resolving emergencies.
  9. Encourage an awareness of and consideration for housekeeping staff and physical facilities among floor/wing members.
  10. Discuss the concern for facilities and ask students to take responsibility for the condition of the building.
  11. Report damages and needed repairs that occur on the floor/wing to the Area Director as soon as possible. Follow up promptly any maintenance concerns that have been submitted by students.
  12. Assist and support Campus Safety and other officials through cooperation in investigations and policy enforcement.
  13. Perform any additional job-related functions as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor or other Residential Life Staff Director.
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