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Housing Application Process

Online Housing Application Tutorial

If you have questions that are not answered by this video, please contact us.

Students on campus
Special Needs Housing

If you have a medical or psychological condition that you believe warrants special housing, please  read our special housing requests procedure. If, after reading the procedure, you would like to apply for special housing, click here.

Once you have been admitted and pay your housing deposit you will have access to the Nazareth online housing system. When you click on the link, you will be brought to a screen that looks like this:

Online Housing  Screen
Step 1:  Login using your myNaz account and password. You can verify your myNaz account HERE

Step 2: Fill out your housing application and request what type of room you would like to live in.

Access the online housing system here:

Please read the terms and conditions as the housing agreement is a legally binding contract for both you and the College. Take care to provide all the information requested accurately and completely to avoid delay or loss of your assignment. You will receive notification of your room assignment beginning in mid-June. We will also include the name, address and telephone number and email address of your roommate(s) in case you want to make arrangements on what to bring.

The DEADLINE for filling out the Residential Life Application was May 15th.

If you missed the deadline, please complete your application as soon as possible.

The  roommate matching and room assignments processes are currently underway.

Please contact our office if you have difficulty accessing the application.

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