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Housing FAQs

Still have questions?

Call the Residential Life office at 585-389-2480, or email director Jane Kelly

Incoming students' most frequently asked housing questions.

Residence Hall FAQs

When will I receive the room assignment?

Letters will be mailed starting in mid June. You will receive the name, address, email, and telephone number of your assigned roommate(s) to assist in coordination of move-in.

I received my bill already and I am paying for a double, does that mean that my son/daughter is not crowded?

No. The bill you received reflects standard room charges. In the event that your son or daughter is assigned to a crowded space, that information is included with the assignment as well as information about the discount. The discount applies if a student is offered a standard room after September 30 and the credit will be reflected in subsequent bills.

Are there any facilities on campus for refrigerator rental?

No. We do not provide these services. However, in the fall a few upperclassmen offer to sell their used refrigerators for a nominal fee. Students tell us the best retailers for the small units are Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale Club, or Sears.

Can I bring a microwave or toaster oven?

No. Our residential facilities do not have enough power for such appliances nor are they safe in such large residential settings. The Fire Marshal will do periodic safety inspections and confiscate items which are not allowed on campus. However, microwaves and toaster ovens are available all around campus in residence halls, as well as academic buildings.

Can I bring a loft?

We are sorry, but you must use the furniture that is assigned to the room. Lofts, except for those provided by the college, are not allowed. Nazareth College does not have storage facilities, so you may want to set up you room before adding other furniture. It can get a bit crowded.

What if my son or daughter needs help? Is there someone to turn to for assistance?

Yes. A Resident Assistant lives on each floor and is trained to handle student concerns. If the Resident Assistant is not able to help, he/she will make an appropriate referral.

Are there ways to get involved in residence halls?

Yes. There is a Residence Hall Council which operates under the student government. Resident Assistants plan programs and activities and are always looking for input. A student with ideas should feel free to speak to the RA or stop in the Residential Life Office on the first floor of Kearney.

What size are the beds?

The beds are standard twin and you do not need extra-long sheets. We have a very limited number of extra long mattresses available upon request.

My son/daughter is an athlete and will be coming early. Will the room be ready?

We want student athletes who have to arrive early for preseason training to be able to get settled when they arrive. Barring unforeseen circumstances, they will move directly into their own rooms.

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