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Islamic Studies Minor

The Islamic Studies minor is a great opportunity for students to study Islam and Arabic. The minor provides students with an enhanced understanding of the Islamic religion, its historical growth, culture and civilization; mysticism; its relation to Abrahamic faiths and other world religions; and the role of Islam in the modern world. The minor equips students with the necessary Islamic and Arabic vocabulary to enhance their professional lives in our diverse community.


To complete the minor, students will take two required courses, and four electives as described below.



RES 101 Q. Exploring Religion

RES 250 Introduction to Islam



RES 351 G Social Justice, Ecology and Women in the Qur’an

RES 352 G Sufism: A Mystical Stream of Islam

RES 362 G Walking in the footsteps of the Prophets: Discovering your Spiritual Roots in the Holy Land

RES 369 In the Beginning

RES 370 The End Times

RES 373 Secrets of the Sages

RES 386 Malcolm and Martin: A Study of the American Civil Rights Movement


No more than one of the following courses:

RES 360 Interfaith Studies and Dialogue: Theory and Practice

RES 382 Living Well: Ethics in the World religions

RES 383 War and Peace in World Religions

PHL/PSC 318 Introduction to Islamic Political Thought

PSC 336 G Women in the Middle East


Up to two courses in the study of Arabic language:

ARB 101 Elementary Arabic I

ARB 102 Elementary Arabic II

ARB  103 Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 104  Intermediate Arabic II


For more information, contact the Islamic Studies Program Director:

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq


GAC - 356

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