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Forms and Petitions

Select a topic below to find procedure and necessary forms for undergraduate students. If you are a graduate student, please select this link for Graduate Student Forms.

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Academic Policy Exceptions and Course Substitutions

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Advisor and Department Chairperson (Note: Changes to CORE requirement also requires signature of Asst. VP for Academic Affairs)
Process: Exceptions to specific academic policies, or any changes/course substitutions to your major or the core must be made through the petition process.

  • Change or substitution to CORE: Advisor, Department Chairperson, and Asst. VP for Academic Affairs must sign
  • Change or substitution to MAJOR requirement: Advisor and Department Chairperson must sign

Add a Credit to a Course

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Advisor, Course Instructor, and Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
Process: In certain circumstances, students may request to add a credit to a course for which they are registered. If approved, additional work as determined by the instructor, will be required.


Form: Add/Drop Form
Signatures Required:

First Week of Class:

  • New Students: Advisor signature
  • Returning Students: NazNet

After First Week:

  • ALL Undergraduate Students (new and returning): Instructor and Advisor signatures

Process: Adding or Dropping a Course in the First Week: Students may add a course through the first week of the semester, and can drop a course through the first week with no "W" grade. Students in their first semester at Nazareth must complete an add/drop form and must obtain their advisor's signature. All other students can facilitate the add/drop process through the first week on-line through their NazNet account.

Withdrawing from a Course After the First Week: Students may withdraw from a course through the 10th week of classes (grade of 'W' granted). For all undergraduate students, Add/Drop form required, with instructor and advisor signatures.


Form: none. Select "Audit" when registering through NazNet; after first week of classes, Registrar's Office can adjust until the deadline.
Process: Only non-matriculated students need to complete an audit form (see Community Members section below), which must be signed by the Department Chairperson.

A student may register to audit a course and is expected to participate in the work of the course. Auditors do not take the final examination. No credit is earned and no grade is given by auditing. Students may audit undergraduate courses on a space available basis, subject to the audit fee when applicable. Independent studies, directed studio projects, tutorials, internships, and skills based courses (music lessons, studio courses, dance technique classes, labs) cannot be taken on an audit basis. Audits are not allowed for professional courses. The audit fee is typically one-third of the tuition charge for the course plus applicable fees. Auditing a three credit hour undergraduate class counts as one billing credit for a full time undergraduate student. Note: Nazareth alumni and senior citizens may audit undergraduate courses for a reduced fee. For more information, see Student Accounts website for details:

Incomplete Grade Request

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Instructor and Student
Process: Incomplete grades are permitted with instructor permission (instructor and student must sign and turn in petition before the final exam). "I" grades must be resolved within six weeks of the end of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for completing the course work prior to the 6-week deadline. The "I" remains a permanent part of the academic record and transcript so that the change from Incomplete to a grade can be clearly identified.

Independent Study Request

Form: Independent Study/Tutorial
Signatures Required: Faculty Supervisor and Department Chairperson
Process: The purpose of independent study is to delve into some special area of interest within the student's major which is beyond the scope of any of the College's current offerings. The student undertaking such a project should have a good background preparation in the subject. The following policies apply: 1) Independent study is available to juniors or seniors who have a cumulative average of 3.0. Exceptions are possible through petition, if cumulative average is at least 2.5; 2) No more than two independent study courses may be undertaken in any one department; 3) An independent study course (for 1, 2, or 3 credits) may be taken only during the regular academic year (fall and spring only). Each credit hour requires the equivalent of 15 classroom hours plus additional work; 4) Only one independent study course may be taken per semester; 5) A student must complete a written proposal and obtain approvals prior to the deadline date specified in the academic calendar for adding a course. Once form is approved and signed, Registrar's Office registers students into the independent study (no registration through NazNet).


Form: Different requirements based on GPA and total credits: See explanation
Signatures Required: Advisor and Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
Process: Full-time tuition covers a maximum of 17 credit hours (17.5 for music majors). Beyond 17 hours, the overload tuition rate per credit is charged.
NO PETITION REQUIRED, register through NazNet IF ... your GPA is 2.75 or higher, and you are registering for 18 credits.
UNDERGRADUATE PETITION IS REQUIRED IF ... Your GPA is less than 2.75, OR if you are seeking to take 18.5 credits or more.
Petitions must be signed by your advisor and the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. First semester freshman and transfer students may not carry overloads.

Pass/Fail Request

Form: Pass/Fail Form
Signatures Required: Advisor
Process: Full time juniors and seniors in good academic standing may take one 3-credit elective course Pass/Fail (S/U) per semester. Students in any credit-bearing S/U course may not take another S/U course during that semester. A course taken S/U may not be used to satisfy core requirements. Students may not opt to take courses in the major area(s) or minor on a Pass/Fail basis, even if all major requirements are met. The Pass/Fail Form must be completed, including a signature from the faculty advisor, and turned in to the Registrar during the first week of classes. You can register for the course through NazNet and then submit the pass/fail form to the Registrar's Office by the published deadline. Part-time students who have earned 60 or more credits and are in good academic standing may take a maximum of four elective courses Pass/Fail within their academic program. Note: The Pass/Fail option is not applicable during summer sessions.

Repeating a Course More than Once

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Advisor and Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
Process: Permission to repeat a course more than once must be granted prior to enrollment in the course (courses can be repeated once if a grade less than "C" is earned); the new grade will replace the original in the GPA, although credit for the course will be granted only once.

Seniors taking Graduate-level Courses

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Undergraduate Department Chair, Graduate Program Director or Chairperson of the Graduate Department, Dean of the School in which the graduate program resides, Asst. VP for Academic Affairs, and Director of Graduate Student Services (who provides copies of petition to Financial Aid and Student Accounts)
Process: Nazareth College students who are within nine semester hours or less of completing the undergraduate degree and who meet the academic requirements for entrance into a graduate program may register for a course(s) in the graduate program. Students will be allowed to register for no more than a total of 12 credit hours when combining undergraduate and graduate courses (e.g. six credits of undergraduate and six credits of graduate credit). In some programs students may get special permission to register for 9 hours of graduate work if they are within 3 credits of completing the undergraduate degree or for 3 hours of graduate work if they are within 9 hours of completing the undergraduate degree.

Study Abroad


Nazareth College Study Abroad Programs include residential programs in France, Germany, Italy and Spain as well as numerous other options to study for a semester or year at more than 80 universities in 30 countries on six continents. Students who plan to study abroad through a Nazareth program should submit the course selection form required by the program (Berlin, Valencia) or a Transfer Credit Approval Form (Florence, Pescara, Rennes) to the Registrar's Office. This acts as the study leave form and the registration form. The Registrar's Office processes the registration; students do not register through NazNet. Students who are planning to study abroad through any other program must submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form to the Academic Advisement Center.

Take a class at another Rochester Area College (RAC)

Form: Inter-Institutional Supplemental Approval Form (available in Registrar's Office)
Signatures Required: Chairperson, Registrar, Transfer Credit Evaluator (Academic Advisement)
Process: Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits may take an undergraduate class at another Rochester Area College at no additional charge. Credit is not earned for grades lower than a C-. Credit that is earned is recorded on the Nazareth record as transfer credit. Note: This program is not open to part-time students; it does not apply to summer sessions, music lessons, internships, or field-based professional courses.

Time Conflicts

Form: Undergraduate Petition
Signatures Required: Instructors of both courses and Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
Process: Exceptions for courses whose meeting times conflict or overlap with each other may be made through the petition process with the signature of the instructors and the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Transfer Credit

Form: Transfer Credit Approval Form
Signatures Required: Advisor, Transfer Credit Evaluator (Academic Advisement); under certain circumstances Department Chairperson signature may be required. Comprehensive information, and course equivalencies, can be found on the Academic Advisement website.
Process: Students can request to transfer in courses from other colleges. Students must obtain prior approval to do so. A grade of C- or better is required in order to transfer the credit. Grades for courses accepted in transfer are not included in the Nazareth GPA calculation. This process originates with the Office of Academic Advisement. Note that an official transcript showing the final grade from the other institution must be on file before any courses can be posted to your Nazareth record.

Tutorial Request

Form: Independent Study/Tutorial Form
Signatures Required: Faculty Supervisor and Department Chairperson
Process: A tutorial is a regular course taken out of sequence to meet requirements for graduation or for a professional program (applicable mainly to transfer students making up work in a series of sequentially offered courses). Completed forms are returned to the Registrar's Office. Tutorials may be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credits, and are permitted only in fall and spring semesters (no summer tutorials). Tutorials are available to juniors or seniors who have a cumulative average of 3.0. (Exceptions are available through petition, if cumulative average is at least 2.5). You cannot register for a tutorial through NazNet. Submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office.

Community Members who want to register for classes


Process: Not part of the Nazareth community yet? If you want to take a course for credit, complete the non-matriculated approval form, and submit the form to Admissions. For those who want to audit an undergraduate course, complete the audit form, with required Department Chair signature, and return to the Registrar's Office. Note: Audit fee is one third of the regular course tuition.

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