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Psychology Faculty

MaryAnn Bush

MaryAnn Flynn Bush, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chair
Psychology Center - GAC 338C

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Education: 1974 B.A., M.A. Bradley University, Peoria,IL (Psychology); 1988 Ph.D. University of Illinois, Champaign (Counseling, Organizational specialty)
Teaching Interests: Introduction to Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Physiological Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Women
Research Interests: Identity formation and the evolution of human consciousness. I am particularly interested in the intersection of the psycho-spiritual with the historic-cultural expression of identity in women.


Tim Bockes

Tim Bockes, Ph.D.

Psychology Center - GAC 338E

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Education: 1980 B.A., University of Vermont (English);1989 M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder (Psychology); 1991Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder (Psychology)
Teaching Interests: Multicultural Psychology, Human Learning and Behavior Management, Personality Theory, Statistics and Research Methods
Research Interests: Sociocultural correlates of: Individualism and Authoritarianism. Belief systems, and child-rearing/teaching techniques.


Diane Enerson


Diane Enerson, Ph.D.

GAC 353

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Education:1968 B.S. (Biochemistry) The Pennsylvania State University, University Park and Knox College, Galesburg, IL: 1976 M.A. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Special Education); Ph.D. 1991 University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (learning psychology and research methods).
Teaching Interests: Testing and assessment, multicultural psychology, culture and cognition, psychology of gender.
Research Interests: Cultural differences and impact of shared beliefs on learning, both in terms of what is learned and how it is learned, the nature of skilled performance in academic subjects. Factors affecting student learning in college.


Becky Fahy

Rebecca Fahy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Psychology Center - GAC 338D

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Education: 1998 B.S. Saint Vincent College (Psychology), Latrobe, PA ; 2001 M.A. West Virginia University (Life-span Developmental Psychology); 2003 Ph.D. West Virginia University (Life-span Developmental Psychology)
Teaching Interests: Introduction to Psychology; Adolescent and Early Adult Development, College Student Development, Higher Education Student Affairs Administration (HESAA)
Research Interests: Friendship problems and friendship dissolution; friendships during transitions in life; peer relationships of adolescents and college students, identity development in college.


Christy Fessler

Christy Fessler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Psychology Center - GAC 338a

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Education: 2007 B.S., St. Lawrence University (Psychology), Ph.D., University of Maine (Psychological Sciences)
Teaching Interests: Physiological Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Introduction to Psychology, , Neuropsychology, Animal Behavior
Research Interests: The neurobiological mechanisms underpinning "chemo brain," the specific impact of changes in neurogenesis levels on learning, forgetting, or consolidation of memories, refining behavioral models of learning and memory.


Grant Gutheil

Grant Gutheil, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Psychology Center - GAC 338B

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Education: 1986, BA, Psychology, State University of New York at Geneseo; 1993 Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Teaching Interests: Infancy and child development, Statistics and research methods, Cognition and development, Introduction to psychology, Psychology and terrorism, History of Psychology, Educational psychology.
Research interests: Conceptual development in early childhood and science education, Cognition and Identity, Adult cognition, Naive theories, Intersection of Psychology and Physics, Categorization and Induction.




Stephen Hill, Ph.D.

Psychology Center - GAC 337A

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Education: 2007 B.A., Hobart College, Geneva NY (Psychology); 2010, 2012, 2013, M.A., Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, Ph.D. University of Akron, Akron, OH (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)
Teaching Interests: Introduction to Psychology, Research Methodology and Statistics, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, History of Psychology, Psychology of Adulthood and Aging, Police Psychology, Motivation and Leadership, Organizational Change, and Gerontology
Research interests: Career development, Working in retirement, and Police Psychology.

Lindsey LaPlant

Lindsey LaPlant, Ph.D.

Psychology Center - GAC 337B

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Education: 1997 B.A., SUNY Geneseo (Psychology);1999 M.A., University of New Hampshire (Psychology); 2002 M.S.T. University of New Hampshire (College Teaching); 2002 Ph.D. University of New Hampshire (Psychology)
Teaching Interests: Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Women and Gender, Abnormal Psychology, Community Psychology, Psychology and Women's Health
Research Interests: Eating disorders prevention, health and wellness education & prevention programs, program evaluation, attitudes towards women, power and empowerment.


Ryan O'Loughlin

Ryan O'Loughlin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Psychology Center - GAC 338G

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Education: 2002 B.A., Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT (Psychology); 2005, 2008, M.A., Ph.D. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (Social/Personality Psychology)
Teaching Interests: Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science, Social Psychology, Personality, Motivation, Statistics and Research Methods, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology.
Research Interests: How people make decisions about seeking, engaging in, and staying in health care services. My current research has two main focuses. First, I am investigating what factors influence a traditional medical practitioner to refer patients to a chiropractor, and what impact does that referral have on the patient's perception of treatment. Second, I am developing a measure of goals for health-related behavior. I am also interested in basic research on the self, personality, social cognition, and motivation.


David Page

David Page,Ph.D.

Psychology Center - GAC 338F

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Education: 1973 B.A. Framingham State College, Framingham,MA (Psychology); 1977 Ph.D. Tulane University, New Orleans, LA(Social Development)
Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Human Sexuality with an emphasis on the connections between theory, research,and applications in these areas. Statistics and Experimental Design.
Research Interests: My research interests concern social cognition, a research domain that focuses on how our thoughts and perceptions inform our social interactions. Recently I've been most interested in how attitudes and stereotypes concerning the connections among gender, sex, and sexuality impact on our interactions with and evaluations of others.


David Steitz

David Steitz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Psychology Center - GAC 338H

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Director of Gerontology Program
Education: 1998, B.A. Drew University (Psychology, Sociology); 2001, 2004, M.S., Ph.D. Syracuse University (Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Aging)
Teaching Interests: Developmental Psychology with an emphasis on middle- through late-adulthood; Issues in Aging; Aging and Community Service; Memory and Cognition; Statistics and Research Methods; Introduction to Psychology.
Research Interests: Aging in contemporary society; memory and cognition in everyday/real-world environments; the teaching of psychology and gerontology.
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