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About IIPE

Interdisciplinary Institute for Professional Ethics

The Interdisciplinary Institute for Professional Ethics (IIPE) is an expression of the commitment of Nazareth College to make a positive difference in the lives of its students as well as in the wider regional community.  Its two-fold purpose is to prepare our students for lives of ethical service and leadership and to support area professionals in meeting the ethical challenges of their work.

With its emphasis on interdisciplinarity, the Institute unites the professional expertise found in Nazareth’s professional schools (the Schools of Education, Management, and Health and Human Services) with the diverse and humane wisdom represented by our College of Arts and Sciences.


The IIPE was founded by the Deans of these four academic units in the fall of 2008.  The Deans appointed a Steering Committee that has overseen the development of the Institute since then.  Current members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Dr. Patricia Bowen-Moore, Professor of Philosophy
  • Ms. Virginia David, LMSW, Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. Thomas Donlin-Smith, Professor of Religious Studies (Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Jamie Fazio, Catholic Campus Minister, Center for Spirituality
  • Ms. Glynis Jones, Graduate Assistant
  • Dr. Jennifer Leigh, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Mr. Roy Stein, Professor of Management
  • Dr. Brian Bailey, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Dr. Matthew Temple, Professor of Biology


The goals of the IIPE are numerous, diverse and ambitious.  They include:

Curriculum:  to develop an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in ethics as well as an advanced certificate program in ethics in relation to the professional programs of the college.  The undergraduate minor was organized and available for students as of January 2011.

Campus Programs: to sponsor creative, stimulating ethics programming for the college community and to encourage scholarship in professional ethics by Nazareth students and faculty.

Regional Professional Communities: to provide helpful programs addressing the challenges of Rochester professional communities; to become a clearinghouse of information on professional ethics; and to establish productive partnerships with related ethics organizations and professional associations in the Rochester area.

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