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Portfolio@Naz (P@N)

P@N (pronounced Pan) stands for Portfolio @ (at) Nazareth. P@N is an online service that allows students to create their own professional electronic portfolios. Starting in Fall 2013, all incoming first year students will create a Core Portfolio using P@N. Here are 5 basic questions (and answers) about how P@N works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...

NOTE: students DO NOT need to click register. Your account is already set up. Click the "Log in/Request my password link" for information on how to access P@N.

For some P@N assignments, you may need to scan documents into a computer. Scanners are available in the lower level of the library. For additional help with scanning, you may refer to the Technology and Media Service Desk

If you need additional assistance, please send your questions to, as well as to Alicia Collins for help with scanning documents and other technical support issues:

You may also contact Alicia by phone at
585-389-2633 or stop by our office in GAC 279 with any questions/requests.

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