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Institute for Pluralism

Institute for Pluralism


The mission of the Institute for Pluralism is to support Nazareth College's commitment to diversity by developing students who have knowledge, understanding, and skills to accept diversity, engage across difference, and advocate for social justice.

To this end the Institute for Pluralism (IP) provides and supports programs that encourage energetic engagement with diversity in terms of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender presentation, religion, national and ethnic origin, ability, and social class. IP is committed to development of students who respect all forms of diversity, practice inclusivity, and advocate for social justice within Nazareth College and beyond.


  1. To create opportunities (through programs and activities) to explore diversity
  2. To collaborate with other programs and departments in pursuance of acceptance of diversity
  3. To provide platforms for dialogue across and within difference
  4. To raise awareness on social injustices
  5. To encourage engagement in effecting social justice locally, nationally, and globally
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