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Alumni Profiles


Johnathon M. Nocera  

“At the surface level, studying philosophy in today’s fast-paced technological world appears to be an impractical or aimless pursuit, but rest assured, nothing can be further from the truth.  Philosophy has not only helped me develop the ability to evaluate and formulate arguments and communicate points of view cogently, but more importantly, philosophy has helped me to understand and interpret my experiences as a Veteran and has provided a means for a deeper understanding into the perennial questions of life. I will be attending Duquesne University for graduate studies this fall (2013) to pursue an academic career in Philosophy.”

Liam Connolly

Liam Connolly

"For the last year, I have been serving as a Fulbright Grantee teaching English in South Korea. Recently, I was offered the position of Executive Assistant to Fulbright Korea. Effectively, I will work directly with the Fulbright staff in Seoul for the next year. The faculty in the Philosophy Department helped push me to the next level as an academic and introspective thinker. I am proud to be a Naz alum and more particularly, a graduate from the Philosophy Department."

Jon SmalterJon Smalter

"I graduated from Nazareth College in the winter of 2003 and now own and operate a used & antiquarian bookstore in my hometown of Webster, NY. I am also the current Vice President of the Independent Online Booksellers Association, an organization created to uphold ethical standards in the book trade and encourage the continuing education of fellow booksellers. Majoring in philosophy made me a better student, a better teacher, a better writer, a better thinker, and more importantly, a better person. In addition to preparing me for a particular career, studying philosophy prepared me for life."

Alexis BlackmanAlexis Blackman

 "Philosophy has taught me to speak, think, and write clearly and concisely.  For the past five years,I have been working in business development in Washington, DC. My meticulous writing and editing, conscientious speaking, and analytical thinking skills have proved to be a major advantage as I work with my colleagues to raise money and strategically think and plan for an organization’s success.  My philosophy education is my most important tool at work.  But my love of philosophy and critical thinking has also helped me in my personal life as I seek almost constant betterment and personal growth.  The Nazareth College Philosophy Community has been an invaluable piece of my life both personally and professionally and I will be forever grateful for it."

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