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National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

What is NCAAW?

In October of 2012, Nazareth College celebrated National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week and joined over 1,000 US colleges and universities in recognizing the importance of campus alcohol prevention efforts.  Consistent with Nazareth College’s strategic  plan, this is one effort to educate and prevent our students from misusing alcohol while at college.

Research has shown that the first few months of the academic year are critical times for colleges and universities to convey information about alcohol use/abuse on campus to their students. We do so in an effort to avoid tragedy and create a campus culture that encourages healthy, safe lifestyles.  NCAAW is the foundation to building a comprehensive program that keeps alcohol abuse prevention at the forefront and assists students in finding support for alcohol-related issues. Alcohol abuse prevention is not a one-week activity; promoting responsible alcohol consumption is a year round effort.

College Substance Abuse Prevention

During NCAAW, Nazareth’s faculty, staff and students came together and led a myriad of events throughout the week. These events focused on sober fun and alcohol harm reduction education. Take a look at what happened on campus:

  • Booze Ball tournament: gave students the experience of “seeing through beer goggles” while sober.
  • Oktoberfest Jeopardy: tested students’ knowledge about alcohol use.
  • Drunken Heroes and Temperate Villains: a lecture by Dr. Tom Lappas educated students about the use and perception of alcohol in modern-day television.
  • Design on a Dime: the average student spends $900/year on alcohol. This program gave students’  ideas about how they could use that money to decorate and design their dorm rooms instead.
  • Don’t Fall Under the Influence: an educational event held for the O’Connor Residence Hall.
  • Mock-tailgates at the inaugural Naz hockey game. Free mocktails, long sleeve Naz t-shirts, and foam fingers supporting Nazareth’s One Choice Makes a Difference campaign were given away.
  • Other fun, sober events: a performance by the internationally recognized A Capella group “The Exchange” and an on-campus hypnotist (Kevin Hurley) during Family weekend.

Ask your child if they participated in any of these events. And don’t forget: alcohol and drug prevention is an ongoing effort from not only the campus community but from parents as well. Be sure to do your part- talk with your son or daughter about their experiences regarding alcohol and drugs at college, listen (don’t lecture), find out about your child’s concerns, and be sure to make your expectations clear. College is a huge investment of time and money. Let your child know that you want them to succeed academically, to develop personally, and to be healthy while at college.

-Casey Cline, LCAT, CASAC

 Substance Abuse Counselor and Prevention Specialist

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