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Parent Handbook

Message from the President

Congratulations on becoming Nazareth College parents! As your child begins his or her educational journey, I know it is a very exciting time for the entire family. We have designed this handbook to help you learn more about some of the programs and services available at our college. We hope you will find this guide helpful in anticipating many of your questions or concerns. We also hope that you will use the information in the handbook to encourage your son or daughter to seek out appropriate resources on campus.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and trustees I am pleased to welcome you to the Nazareth College family, and I look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Daan Braveman
President of Nazareth College

Parent Handbook

About the Parent Handbook

College is often a dynamic time in your relationship with your son or daughter. It's a time when both of you are letting go of traditional and comfortable roles and looking forward to the future. Your role as a parent in the life of your college student is as significant as ever. We have compiled this parent handbook to help you become aware of the resources available on campus as your son or daughter makes this journey. We have provided brief overviews of many of the services and programs available and have included contact information for the people directly responsible for them. We encourage you to call upon these individuals if you have questions or concerns, and to refer your son or daughter to them as well. They are young adults entering an independent living environment in which they will be responsible for their own structure and lifestyle, and it may be particularly challenging for them in "their newly acquired status of adulthood" to seek out the appropriate resources on their own. It is our desire that this handbook provides you with an informative reference to aid in your Nazareth student's intellectual and social growth over the next few years. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Jane Kelly
Assistant Vice president for Student Development & Director of Campus Life

The Center for Student Success

Focusing on the academic, personal and social aspects of life at Naz, The Center for Student Success provides resources and services to promote undergraduate student success. Students are welcome to drop by the Center for any number of reasons, including:

- information on learning support services

- advice on and connection to student involvement opportunities

- drop-in tutoring

- connection to personal support services

- problem-solving or general concerns

To check out the CSS walk-in hours, tutoring schedule, or to ask a question via the CSS live chat line, please visit the CSS website at

To contact The Center for Student Success, call 585-389-2884 or 585-389-2885.

Parents Program

All parents of Nazareth students are automatically members of the Nazareth College Parents Association.

Maintaining your connection to the college is a very important piece of the parents program. The link between the college and the Parents Association is the Parents Web site. This site is specifically designed to serve as a resource for families to stay up-to-date and connected to the college. The Program works very hard to make the Nazareth experience as rewarding for families as for the students. If you ever have a question, want to voice a concern, or give some feedback, please contact us. Simply send an email with your concern or question to If the Parents Program does not have the answer, they will certainly point you in the right direction to get the information that you are seeking.

Academic Life

Academics at Nazareth
The liberal studies core requirements at Nazareth College allow students to explore a variety of courses and gain a broad-based education. In keeping with the college's mission of fostering a life-long commitment to intellectual, ethical and aesthetic values, every student explores classes in the areas of Fine Arts, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Natural Science, and Social Science.

The Nazareth faculty embraces this mission and with an average class size of 22 students, faculty members get to know their students well and foster relationships on a personal level. Faculty play many roles on campus including providing encouragement and development of a desire within students for life-long learning. They spark the curiosity of students to explore the unknown, instill in them the confidence to succeed, challenge them to engage in deep critical thinking, and provide guidance in career and life decisions. In turn students must also take the initiative to actively participate in the educational process. When faculty and students are equally responsible for the shared learning experience, the academic aspect of Nazareth College can be very rewarding.

Academic Advisement
When your son or daughter needs assistance or special help with academic matters, the Academic Advisement Center (AAC) is there to help. Students can get assistance with planning an educational program that is in accord with the college's academic policies and degree requirements as well as help with choosing a major and assessing academic abilities and special interests. The staff urges you to engage in conversations with your son or daughter about their progress in school.

At the end of each semester, grade reports are mailed to your son or daughter at their home address. In addition, grade reports are mailed to all parents of freshmen unless a student requests otherwise. Freshmen also receive fall and spring mid-semester grade reports to inform them of their progress. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits release of specific information about student grades without written permission of the student or proof that the student is financially dependent according to the IRS definitions. At your request, a staff member from Academic Advisement will contact instructors to inquire about a student's progress and follow up directly with the student. If you need further information or have additional questions, you may consult with the Coordinator of Freshmen Academic Support Services or the Director of Academic Advisement.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are assigned faculty advisors who assist students until the end of the sophomore year, or until they have been accepted into a major program. After declaring a major, students are assigned advisors within their major department. Students are not required to choose a major until the end of their sophomore year. Generally the first two years can be a time of self-exploration, self-evaluation, and reflection. However, it should be noted that many professional programs do require an earlier decision. Undeclared students are encouraged to use the time to think about their interests and goals while taking general courses that fulfill core requirements and expose them to a wide variety of areas of study and topics. Individual appointments can also be made with students' academic advisors to discuss major and/or career choices.

Any student who is having difficulty with a course should first consult with the instructor about additional help. If tutoring is needed, the student may apply for peer tutoring services in the Academic Advisement Center (Smyth Hall, room 2). Students needing assistance with writing skills, mathematical skills, or science courses are urged to take advantage of the services of the Writing Center, the Math Center, the Science Center, or the Logic Lab. A complete list of academic services and aids is available from the Academic Advisement Center.

You are encouraged to become familiar with the information contained in the Nazareth College Undergraduate Catalog, the Degree Programs Booklet and the Academic Policies and Procedures Handbook. These publications are available from the Academic Advisement Center.

To contact the Academic Advisement Center, call 585-389-2871 or email:

Linda Searing

Disability Services
The Academic Counselor for Students with Disabilities recommends academic modifications for students who have documented disabilities and connects students with the many support services available on campus and in the local community. A Handbook for Students with Disabilities describes the resources on campus and is available from the Academic Advisement Center.

If you have any questions or have a student seeking these services feel free to contact the Academic Counselor for Students with Disabilities, Stephanie Smyth, at 585-389-2498 or

Opportunities for Student Involvement

Nazareth offers intercollegiate competition at the NCAA Division III level in women's lacrosse, tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, soccer, field hockey, track and field, cross country, equestrian,softball, and volleyball; and in men's tennis, swimming, golf, basketball, soccer, equestrian, track and field, cross country,volleyball and lacrosse. Nazareth College is a member of the Empire 8 Athletic Conference. Nazareth also offers a Champs/Life Skills course for all student-athletes. For more information on Nazareth Athletics contact the athletics office or check their web site at

To contact the Athletic Department, call 585-389-2195.
Peter Bothner

Center for Spirituality
The Center for Spirituality (CFS) staff and student leaders collaborate with members of the Nazareth community to provide ministry for individuals from a variety of faiths and beliefs. Weekly opportunities for worship and meditation include: Catholic Mass, Protestant Worship, Zen Meditation and student-led bible study groups (Nazareth Christian Fellowship). CFS groups also support students, faculty and staff who are Jewish (Hillel), Muslim (MSA), Orthodox Christian (OCF) as well as atheist, agnostic, and secular humanist (AASH). In addition, the Center for Spirituality staff assists students from any tradition in making local connections with places of worship.

The Center offers programs related to spirituality and religion such as retreats, lectures, music and dance ensembles, yoga, spiritual direction and small group discussions. CFS also offers a great variety of community service opportunities throughout the academic year, as well as alternative "Breaks for Service" during school breaks.

To contact the Center for Spirituality call 585-389-2303.
Lynne Boucher

Center for Service Learning
The Center for Service Learning (CSL) facilitates the integration of service with academic study to enhance student learning, address community interests and encourage civic responsibility. Specifically, the center supports faculty who wish to integrate service learning into the curriculum, develops sustainable college-community partnerships, offers student opportunities for intentional service to cultivate social responsibility and provides services to under-served communities. The CSL staff seeks to fulfill Nazareth's mission to provide educational opportunities that inspire dedication to the ideal of community service.

To contact the Center for Service Learning call 585-389-2748.
Marie Watkins

Multicultural Affairs
The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides leadership in the recruitment and retention of minority students, faculty, and staff. The department represents the college in building networks in Rochester and the region. It works with a campus-wide committee as well as other college and community constituencies to increase minority presence on the campus, and help a diverse group of people to reach their full potential. The Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsors many cultural programs and participates in many cultural functions. Through a variety of speakers, events, and community programs, it exposes Nazareth students to the Rochester community and different cultures.

To contact Multicultural Affairs, call 585-389-2008.
Gaynelle D. Wethers

Nazareth provides many facilities and opportunities for recreation for students. The Fitness Center has a wide variety of equipment to fit many needs. Besides the free weights and weight machines, there are also Stairmasters, treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles available.

The racquetball courts can be accessed any time that the Shults Center is open. There are also racquetball equipment rentals available, in addition to volleyball and wallyball equipment that can be used to get a little workout and have some fun. The pool is open for students to use during many hours of the week and there are lockers available to store personal items. There are also intramural activities for students including volleyball, wallyball, softball, basketball, racquetball, floor hockey, soccer, and flag football, to name a few.

Student Activities
The mission of Student Activities is to enhance the overall educational experience of students through exposure to and participation in social, cultural, multicultural and recreational opportunities as well as leadership, and campus governance programs which reflect the diversity of student interests and needs. Through their involvement, students learn effective communication and interpersonal skills, appreciation of diversity, analytic and critical thinking, leadership skills, high ethical standards, and responsibility for their learning and achievement. Nazareth strives to provide as many opportunities for this out-of-classroom learning as possible.

One of Student Activities major components is the Undergraduate Association. The UA is the student government of the college and serves as the student voice to the college faculty, administrators, and staff. The UA encompasses more than 46 clubs and organizations that provide social, educational, and spiritual activities to the Nazareth community. Some of those clubs include: Amnesty International, Art Club, Association of Social Work Students (ASWS), CAB (Campus Activities Board), Center for Spirituality Club, Club Italianissimo, French Club, Gleaner (student newspaper),Habitat for Humanity, History Club, INC (Inter-ethnic Nazareth Coalition), Lambda Association, Math Club, Music Therapy Club, Nazareth Commuter Association, Nazareth Theatre League, Physical Therapy Club, Pre-Health Professionals Club, Residence Hall Council, Science Club, Sigillum (yearbook),and WNAZ (radio station).

To contact Student Activities call 585-389-2320.
Jane Kelly

Residential Life

Residence Hall Living
Residence hall living can play a vital role in the education of students outside of the classroom. We offer programs and services that assist in the development of well-rounded individuals capable of making positive, self-directed choices consistent with the educational mission of Nazareth College. The following is a partial list of programs designed to assist freshmen resident students in making the adjustment to campus living:

  • First-Year Experience floors (called FYE) link living and learning communities. Students on these floors live together and are enrolled in the same Freshman Seminar course. Contact the Office of Residential Life for more information (refer to the end of this section for contact information).
  • Resident Assistants specially trained to work with freshmen.
  • Activities designed for freshmen to promote bonding and connection.

Important people to get to know:
Each residence hall floor is staffed by a student Resident Assistant (RA) who is supervised by a professional Area Director. All of these staff members are specially trained to assist students in their adjustment to college life while ensuring a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment. And for those freshmen who are living on First-Year Experience floors (or FYE), student Peer Mentors are also available to residents for advice and consultation on each FYE floor. Finally, the Director of Residential Life oversees all aspects of residence hall living.

Protecting valuables:
Our Campus Safety Department recommends that you keep records of the serial numbers, makes, and models of all valuables brought to campus. If desired, your son or daughter may borrow an engraver from the Campus Safety office (located in the Shults Center) to mark valuables. It is also recommended that you obtain a rider on your homeowner's insurance policy to protect your son's or daughter's belongings. Also, remember to talk to your son or daughter about using discretion when it comes to protecting their personal belongings.

For a more detailed look at what to bring, helpful hints, and resources available, visit the Residential Life Web site.

To contact the Office of Residential Life, call 585-389-2480.
Jane Kelly, Director of Campus Life and Assistant Vice President for Student Development

Alcohol Policies
Nazareth College is committed to the intellectual growth and social development of all members of its community, which is why Nazareth adheres to its strongly enforced alcohol policy. The unauthorized possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on or in college property is a violation of the Student Conduct Code. College policy, consistent with state laws, confines on-campus use of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal age 21 years and older in the State of New York to a specified area. The Code also prohibits misrepresentation of age to obtain alcoholic beverages. The College enforces all state laws or regulations that regulate and control the sale or use of alcohol. Nazareth College students who are found in violation of New York State law and campus policy pertaining to the sale, distribution, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be subject to possible parental notification, and/or criminal prosecution.

Despite the laws, campus policies and college programs, the misuse of alcohol by under-age students and by those over 21 can be an issue. You are encouraged to talk to your children regarding your expectations as parents and how the consumption of alcohol has the potential to negatively affect their health, education and overall college experience. While alcohol may be a part of some collegiate lifestyles, encourage your son or daughter to make the best decisions for them and alert them of all possible consequences.

Every student is supplied with a copy of the Nazareth College policies.

College Services

Career Services
The Office of Career Services provides a wide variety of services. From helping to make first tentative career choices to assisting with professional job or graduate school searches, their mission is to help students achieve their full potential. The director and assistant directors are available for individual career counseling appointments for those students who have a career in mind as well as those who might need more guidance and help exploring. Career services has the tools necessary to aid in many different aspects in career development including computer programs, graduate school workshops and materials, in addition to a career resource area.

Throughout the academic year the Office of Career Services sponsors special programs designed to provide help with decision-making or job search concerns. Programs offered include workshops on job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing skills, on-campus recruiting days and on-campus interviews as well as job search consultation sessions.

The Office of Career Services will not provide assistance to any prospective employer, on or off campus for full or part-time employment who discriminates against any qualified student or graduate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age. Nazareth students interested in pursuing an internship should contact Al Cabral, Coordinator of Internship Programs at 585-389-2571.

To contact Office of Career Services, call 585-389-2878.
Mike Kahl, Director

Information Technology Services
Nazareth College has a high-speed computer network including hookups in the residence halls and unlimited direct Internet access. In order to make use of network applications such as e-mail and Internet, students may connect their own computers to Nazareth's campus-wide network. However, student computers must have a network card and the necessary software already installed. If students would like to purchase their network cards before the start of school, they can contact Information Technology Services or check their web site (below) to find out which card to purchase. Information Technology Services staff will not install network cards or service or repair student systems. If a student's computer needs service and they do not have an on-site warranty arrangement, Information Technology Services can provide names of local fee-based service providers.

Information Technology Services usually has arrangements with one or more computer vendors for purchasing computers. Information on this is available on the Nazareth Information Technology Services web page.

In addition to network access from the residence halls, there are various computer labs (with both PCs and Macs) around campus for student use (three of these are accessible 24 hours a day). Laser printing is available in these labs. All lab computers have full network/internet access.

All students are assigned a Nazareth e-mail account and have full use of Nazareth computing facilities. Information on using the e-mail account is mailed to new students the summer before they arrive. There is a Computing Code of Conduct which outlines improper uses of campus computing resources and actions that might be taken - use of any college computing resource automatically assumes that this Code of Conduct has been read and accepted by the user. This Computing Code of Conduct is available on the web site and on paper in the Information Technology Services area on campus.

To contact Information Technology Services, call 585-389-2088 or check out their web site at

Counseling Services
Personal counseling is available to all Nazareth students enrolled in at least one credit-bearing course. Students seek counseling for many reasons. All life issues, experiences, relationships, and responses are considered important and worthy of attention. Individual, relationship and group counseling are offered as well as a variety of workshops and programs, at no cost. Students may have as many sessions as necessary throughout their years at the college. Once a student is seen in counseling he/she is considered our client. All client information is confidential to the extent that ethical and legal limits allow, and does not become part of the health or academic records of the student. Information can only be released with the written consent of the student.

Counseling Services is staffed by credentialed professionals including a substance abuse specialist. The offices are open weekdays and some evenings during the Fall and Spring semesters. There is 24-hour availability for emergencies. Should a student require off-campus mental health care, counseling services will facilitate and expedite the referral. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call or e-mail us. Visit the counseling services web site through the Nazareth College home page or at:

Location: Carroll Hall, Room 101
Malika Kapadia, Psy.D., Director
585-389-2887 |

Dining Services
Everyone's schedule and everyone's needs are just a little bit different. That's why Dining Services offers a variety of dining plans and options. All resident students are required to open a resident dining meal plan and each meal plan participant receives bonuses of guest passes and Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars or Discount Dining dollars are monies placed in a debit account on a student's Naz ID and are used to purchase food on campus. Additional Dining Dollars can be added to the card as needed. Further questions on meal plans, Dining Dollars, or other dining questions can be directed to food services. Check out the Dining Services Web site for more information.

To contact Food Services, call 585-389-2520 or email

Health Services
Health services helps meet students' needs during illness or injury, and promotes optimum health and wellness for the entire campus community. Health care is available to all Nazareth College students who have submitted a completed Health Form upon admission. The Health Center is located in Carroll Hall on the main floor. The hours are: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM. A physician is on campus four days a week by appointment. Gynecology Services are also available on campus by appointment only. If any emergency arises after Health Services hours, please contact your Resident Assistant. If your RA is not available, call Campus Safety at 585-389-3333.

All contact with the Student Health Services is strictly confidential. Medical information can be released only with students' written permission. The Nazareth Healthline is available for confidential responses to health questions and concerns. The email address is:

For additional information on Health Services and other services provided contact the Health Services office at 585-389-2500.

Donna Willome, Director

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office provides financial assistance for you and your students to help you stay on track. It is very important to file for aid correctly and in a timely manner because delays can cause reduction or even loss of aid. Whether it is a question about financial assistance, FAFSA or TAP forms, loan options, Federal Work-Study, or Scholarship information, feel free to contact the Nazareth Financial Aid office and speak directly to a member of the Financial Aid Staff. For information on how to apply, need-based aid, merit scholarships, helpful hints, loan programs, Nazareth's costs, student exchange, student loan counseling, or other common questions, check out the financial aid web site at:

To contact the Financial Aid Office, call 585-389-2310 or email Samantha Veeder, Director

The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining academic records, issuing transcripts, and officially verifying enrollment for all Nazareth students. Other services provided by the office include maintenance of the academic calendar, course scheduling, final exam scheduling, issuing of grade reports, collection of commencement forms, verification of completion of degree requirements, and issuing of diplomas. It is very important that students keep their home address and contact information up to date with the registrar to insure that they receive all mailings and information sent out.

To contact the Registrar Office, call 585-389-2800.
Bill Ellison, Associate Director

Shults Center
The Otto A. Shults Community Center, opened in 1976, is the home for many Student Development offices as well as favorite student hang out spots. The Shults Center offers a range of services and activities for students which include some of the following: Student Activities and the Undergraduate Association, Office of the Vice President for Student Development, Career Services, Athletics Department, Campus Safety and Nazareth Dining Services. The Shults Center is a place where not only business occurs, but also where students go and relax, meet their friends, study, eat, workout, and attend sporting events. The campus bookstore, the mail room, the Commuter Lounge, the Information Desk, the Fitness Center, racquetball courts, the Robert A. Kidera Gymnasium, a pool, sauna, locker rooms, and a variety of meeting rooms are also housed in the Shults Center and are available for use throughout the year.

For more information about the Shults Center, call 585-389-2320.
Jane Kelly, Director

Substance Abuse Services
The Substance Abuse Educational Specialist provides on-going consultation and outreach within both the Nazareth campus and the Pittsford community. Upon request, the Substance Abuse Educational Specialist is available to meet with groups of students in academic courses, residence halls, clubs, and local classrooms to facilitate group discussions, provide information and resources, and offer presentations on topics related to substance use/misuse.

A professionally trained counselor is available to provide drug and alcohol screening to determine if a student's use warrants referral to a drug and alcohol treatment center. Consultation is available to faculty and staff members who are concerned about a student's alcohol or drug use pattern, class attendance, or academic performance. Students who wish to examine their own alcohol/drug use and associated behaviors or those of a friend or family member are welcome to contact Substance Abuse Services for consultation. Counseling is short term, confidential, and free. A professional counselor provides assistance with a wide range of personal concerns including, but not limited, to: stress management, adjusting to college living, coping with peer pressure, building healthy relationships, and the role of alcohol in one's life.

The Substance Abuse Educational Specialist and Director of Health Services co-advise a group of Student-Athlete Mentors and Peer Health Educators who are trained to educate and advise their peers on a variety of health issues, including alcohol and substance use/misuse. Common concerns of students include: *To better understand/modify their drinking behaviors. *To learn healthier, more effective ways to manage anger and stress. *To discuss concerns about the drinking or drug use patterns of roommates, friends, teammates, or family members.

The overall goal of Substance Abuse Services is to make the Nazareth campus a healthy and safe environment for living and learning, and to help students realize their potential by making informed choices about substance use.

For further information, contact Substance Abuse Services at 585-389-2887.

Or check out the web site at:

Campus Safety

Nazareth places a high priority on the personal safety of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Department of Campus Safety is dedicated to providing a safe and secure campus environment through the delivery of quality security services and prevention programs. For a majority of students this may mark the first time that they have lived away from home. Along with this new freedom comes a responsibility for students to be conscious of their own personal safety by learning and practicing basic safety and security precautions. By working together with the campus community, the Department of Campus Safety helps make Nazareth College a safer place to live and learn.

The Campus Safety Department is available 24-hours-a-day. All uniformed officers are registered in accordance with the New York State Security Guard Act and provide bicycle, foot, and vehicle patrols of the entire campus. All officers are trained in crisis intervention, emergency response procedures, fire safety, first aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use.

The Campus Safety Department provides many services. Some of these include: a personal property (Operation ID) and bicycle identification program; motorist assistance to jump start vehicles and retrieve keys locked inside of vehicles; programs on fire safety, personal safety, and sexual assault prevention; twenty-six blue-light courtesy phones located throughout the campus; campus escort service; Individual emergency radio transmitters provided free of charge upon request; Card access for all residence halls.

For more information, please contact the Campus Safety Office at 585-389-2840
Bobby Maldonado

For emergency situations from on-campus dial extension 3333.
For emergency situations from off-campus dial 585-389-2850.

During the college business hours, (8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri during the academic year), contact the switchboard operator at 585-389-2525. On weekends or after business hours contact the Security Office at 585-389-2850.

Statement on Respect and Diversity

We, the Nazareth community, embrace both respect for the person and freedom of speech. The college promotes civility and denounces acts of hatred or intolerance. The free exchange of ideas is possible only when concepts, values, and viewpoints can be expressed and challenged in a manner that is neither threatening nor demeaning. It is the policy of Nazareth College, in keeping with its efforts to foster a community in which the diversity of all members is respected, not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, marital or veteran status, disability, carrier status, genetic predisposition or any other protected status. Respect for the dignity of all peoples is an essential part of the college's tradition and mission, and its vision for the future.

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