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Nazareth Students Honored With RACCE Outstanding Adult Students Award

  • Published: April 22, 2013

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Nazareth Students Honored With RACCE Outstanding Adult Students Award

Nazareth College is proud to announce Kelly Kemp (pictured right), Larry Czubinski (pictured right), and Tom DeLeo, as the winners of the Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education (RACCE) award. All three winners of the award are veterans and thank their military experience for molding them into the students and individuals they are today. On April 21, 2013 Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education(RACCE) presented awards to the Outstanding Adult Students from area colleges at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa. 

The RACCE award is given to candidates who exemplify a strong commitment to higher education despite the unique challenges adult learners may face. Eligibility for the awards requires not only scholastic excellence, but also a demonstrated ability by the candidates to balance personal and professional responsibilities while working towards completing their degree.

Kelly Kemp is studying to be a military social worker in pursuit of her passion for the United States Military and providing counseling to military families. Kemp has great respect for those she served with while enlisted as well as those who served before her and currently. It is Kemp’s goal that through completing her degree, she can have the tools it takes to provide military families with the support and care they deserve. Kemp is not only a veteran and a student but also a single mother of her six year old daughter. While she is faced with the challenge of balancing school and personal life, she remembers to still take time for the simple pleasures in life, like reading her daughter bedtime stories. Kemp believes that her positive attitude, determination, perseverance, and respect for others will carry her far in her future career. She also hopes to be an inspiration to her young daughter of what hard work is and the benefits one reaps from the sacrifices made. 

Larry Czubinski has a moving story that led him to his career path of becoming an adolescent math teacher. It all began when he met an elderly man overseas who explained to him that math was more than just numbers but rather a means to understand life. He went onto explain to Czubinski that knowledge is useless unless it is passed on and that he expected him to pass on the knowledge he had just left him with to others.  After retiring from the Marines, Czubinski decided to pursue a degree in middle/high school math education so that he could help kids understand math as more than just numbers and its role in everyday life. One of the greatest challenges for Czubinski has been difficulty in remembering the core curriculum he learned in high school over 30 years ago as well as balancing being a student, a husband and a father. However, he continues pursuing his passion, exuberating great leadership skills, focus and honesty. It is his dream to share with others the academic knowledge he has gained and show a generation who often does not enjoy math, that it can, in fact, be fun.   

Tom DeLeo is proud to finally be completing his goal of becoming a physical therapist. DeLeo was inspired to pursue a college education after encountering many hardships during his younger years and will be the first in his family to attend college. He pays credit to Nazareth College staff for their support and encouragement, convincing him to follow this career path. He is proud to have served his country in the military for eight years and believes his experience serving has helped him to view the world differently socially and to develop confidence in himself.

DeLeo shares that his greatest challenge has been pursing higher education while working to overcome the trauma of war that he experiences. However, he anticipates the sense of relief he will feel after passing his boards and the freedom he will embrace to improve his own health and the health of others.

Founded in 1924, Nazareth College is located on a close-knit, suburban campus in the dynamic, metropolitan region of Rochester, N.Y. The College offers challenging academic programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional programs in health and human services, education, and management. Nazareth's strong cultures of service and community prepare students to be successful professionals and engaged citizens. The College enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students.

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