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Nazareth's Summer Piano Camp Success

  • Published: August 05, 2011

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Nazareth's Summer Piano Camp Success

The Nazareth College Department of Music's third annual Summer Piano Camp was a big success this July.  The camp saw substantial growth with this year's group almost two and one-half times as large as the first year.
Piano students from the greater Rochester area, ranging in ages from 12 to 17, came together based on a love for playing their instrument, a desire to share that with like-minded peers, and a readiness to continue learning even after the regular school year is over. New friendships were made, with older and younger students mixing easily and supportively. Classes in theory and movement got their days started. These were followed by group and private lessons in which their prepared pieces were given close attention. A YouTube-based class got them listening and responding to a lot of music they had never encountered before, allowing them the opportunity to share some remarkable and candid insights. And surely a memorable part of the experience was for them to receive music for piano duets and quartets at the beginning of the camp, with the intention of having them learned and rehearsed and performed by the end of camp, only three days later. The ensemble recital successfully demonstrated the results of their determination to learn quickly.
There was room for fun as well, most especially the afternoon swim one day, and the rousing rounds of Music Jeopardy on Thursday. Everyone gets into the moment, shouting the answers and—best of all—happily bending the rules as we went along!!
Friday’s Camp finale was the highlight of the week. With their parents and some of teachers in attendance, everyone performed in Wilmot Recital Hall, displaying their polish and their enthusiasm in equal measure. The “dull roar” of the conversations taking place during the post-recital reception was a clear sign of the level of happiness and satisfaction that everyone was feeling at the time, students and teachers alike.

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