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Maria Cristina Fava


Departmental Responsibilities:
Intro. to World Music

Bowling Green State University, MM
National Conservatory of Music F.A. Bonporti Trento, Italy, BA

Born in Riva del Garda, Italy. In 2000, she moved to the US, where she earned two Masters’ Degrees (Music History and Ethnomusicology) at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Musicology (ABD) at the Eastman School of Music. Her dissertation, “Marc Blitzstein and the Political Value of Music: New York City in the 1930s,” documents the idiosyncratic and dynamic manner in which music and politics intersected during the Great Depression Era. Taking Marc Blitzstein as a point of departure and convergence, she considers the experimental productions of the Federal Music and Theater Projects of the WPA, the influence of the Workers’ Theater Movement in the politicization of the musical revue, the aesthetic tensions between Modernism and Proletarian music, and the explicit political exploitation of music as a “weapon in class struggle.”
In 2009, she received the Dina Epstein Award from the Music Library Association, the Elsa T. Johnson Writing Fellowship, and the Glenn Watkins Traveling Fellowship from the Eastman School of Music. She has been awarded a prize for best student presentation at the AMS Mid-West Chapter conferences in 2002/2003 and 2006/2007. Ms. Fava has presented her research at various musicological conferences and meetings, among others at the conferences of the Society for American Music in 2005 (Eugene, OR) and in 2006 (Chicago, IL), and at the 2009 Conference of the American Musicological Society in Philadelphia, PA.

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