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Laurie Keough

Laurie KeoughClinical Assistant Professor of Music Therapy
Supervisor of Clinical Services

Office: Music House 24

Departmental Responsibilities:
Music Therapy
Supervisor of Clinical Services


Nazareth College, MS.Ed
Nazareth College, BS

Prior to joining the Nazareth College faculty, Laurie Keough spent 19 years working as a Board-Certified Music Therapist in the Rochester area. She has spent a number of years specializing in the application of music therapy in special education, particularly in the areas of multiple/physical disabilities, autism, and behavioral challenges. She also has experience in general medical, psychiatric, traumatic brain injury, and gerontology settings.

In addition to her clinical work, Ms. Keough has supervised music therapy students from Nazareth College for 18 years, and has more recently been the Music Therapy Internship Director at the Mary Cariola Children’s Center in Rochester, New York.

Ms. Keough is a regular guest speaker at Eastman School of Music and at regional schools and workshops. She has also presented at conferences for the American Music Therapy Association Mid-Atlantic Region.
Ms. Keough obtained both her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and Master of Science in Education from Nazareth College. In addition to her certification and licensure as a music therapist, she holds certification in special education and music education.

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