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CMP Programs

The Nazareth Community Music Program (CMP) provides the community with a variety of musical explorations, to serve the needs and interests of all ages and backgrounds. Private lessons are available for piano and voice, along with string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Incoming students are matched with a teacher who will strive to create for that individual a supportive atmosphere of both insight and encouragement.

Performing is encouraged when the student is ready; regular recitals take place in the comfortable Wilmot Recital Hall. For those students who wish to play in a small group of like or mixed instruments, every effort is made to appropriately match individuals of similar age and ability. These chamber music activities often prove to be immensely satisfying for players. Theory and musicianship classes for younger students are available as a means of reinforcing basic concepts so necessary for solid musical progress and understanding. Special tutoring arrangements can be made for those older students with a more advanced background. Finally, Nazareth is very proud to have The Nazareth College Bach Children's Chorus. This acclaimed group has performed in prestigious venues in Rochester, New England and Washington D.C. Beyond the immediate pleasure of performing significant works for chorus, participants have the opportunity to develop a truly solid foundation for aural acuity and musical interaction. Surely there is something here for everyone who wishes to explore the musical experience!

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