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Student Presentations at Conferences

MAA Seaway Section - Spring 2014

MAA Seaway Section - Spring 2014

Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego 2013

Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego 2013

April 2014

MAA Seaway Section
Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

  • Up before Over:  Informal Language before Formal Mathematical Vocabulary
    Kyli Knickerbocker

  • How can we Accelerate our Advanced Common Core Students?
    Courtney Larkin
  • Do you Suffer from Calculus Phobia?
    Mary Losito
  • Are Manipulatives Just Toys?
    Grace Crowell


January 2013

Joint Mathematics Meetings
San Diego, CA

  • The Traveling Salesman Problem in Rectangular Grids, Eileen Bruns
  • The Secret of NIM, Larry Czubinski and Ashlee Evertt
  • The Queen Chicken Problem, Ashley Binnert, Grace Crowell, and Emiline Pelletier
  • Euler's Characteristic and Planar Graphs, Justin Sawran and Dyan VerSchage
  • Machine Learning:  Support Vector Machines Using Nonlinear Rescaling-Augmented Lagrangian Method, Emiline Pelletier
  • Efficiency of the Atlanta Subway Network and Functional Connectivity of the Human Brain, Caitlin VerSchneider

APRIL 2012

MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Seaway Section
Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

  • Mathematics Anxiety Anonymous, Elisa Napierala
  • Got PCK? Eileen Bruns and Caitlin VerSchneider
  • How Poor Mathematical Attitude Impacts Learning,  Kerrie Sirianni and Kelly Husted

MARCH 2012

AMTRA (Association of Mathematics Teachers of Rochester Area)
St. John Fisher College - Rochester, NY

  • Attitude:  Can't learn with one, can't learn without one! Sarah Bremer and Jordan Mitchel


Joint Mathematics Meetings
Boston, MA

  • The Optimal Snowboarding Half-Pipe,  Kerry Gannon


Penn State Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Conference

  • Coloring Outside the Lines:  Finding 4- Chromatic Unit Distance Graphs,  Emily Bonomo, Eileen Bruns, and Caitlin Verschneider


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Atlantic City, NJ

  • An EXCEL-ent Way of Creating Interactive Applets,  Caitlin VerSchneider and Elisa Napierala


Joint Meetings of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
New Orleans, LA

  • Sperner Property for Integer Partition Partially Ordered Sets, Kerry Gannon


Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

  • List of Decoding Algorithms of Reed Solomon Codes and their Maximum Decoding Radii,  Caitlin Parmelee

APRIL 2009

Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
Union College

  • Linearity of Lexicographic Codes - Ashley Patchen
  • Hat Quandry - Chris Zimmerman
  • Not Your Average Game - Cooper Murphy
  • Strategies for the Nine-Player Hat Problem and Some Connections to Coding Theory - Caitlin Parmelee
  • The Cat and the Hat Game - Joe Mihalich
  • What Color is Your Hat? - J0lie Roat


Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

  • Polynomial Parametic Curves in Two Dimensions - Jolie Roat
  • Mathematical Literature - Katie Gravelle

APRIL 2008

Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

  • Teaching Elementary Mathematics - Jenny Pollastro and Katie Green
  • Mathematical Literature for Elementary Students - Katie Gravelle
  • Investigating the Structure of a Double Bubble Cookie - Pam Welch
  • Doubling the Cube - Cooper Murphy
  • Polynomial Parametic Curves in Two Dimensions - Jolie Roat
  • Rational Parameterization of Conic Sections - Chris Zimmerman
  • Rational Parameterization of the nth Dimensional Sphere - Ashley Patchen
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