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MTH 490 - Student Research at Nazareth

MTH 490 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Spring 2014

Up before Over: Informal Language before Formal Mathematical Vocabulary
Kyli Knickerbocker

How can we accelerate our advanced common core students?
Courtney Larkin

Do You Suffer from Calculus Phobia? 
Mary Losito

Are Manipulatives Just Toys?
Grace Crowell

Fall 2012 Research- An exciting investigation into a number of mathematical games and the underlying theory, ranging from divisibility to the Euler Characteristic.

The Secret of NIM

Larry Czubinski and Ashlee Evertt

Evil Mathematicians
Alan Connor, Molly Kingsley, and Heidi Prentice

Queen Chicken
Ashley Binnert, Grace Crowell, and Emiline Pelletier

Euler's Characteristic and Planar Graphs
Justin Sawran and Dyan VerSchage

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