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Message from the Director

Siklos Castle, Hungary

When I left for Hungary last August, I took with me a small smooth stone, painted with the word “daring.” I kept it on my bookshelf for the four months I was teaching at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém and often looked at it. “Daring” began to make more sense as I encountered multiple challenges of living in a different culture: language, shopping, getting around the city, having no printer for my computer, going without a washing machine until the last three weeks of my time abroad. “Daring” came to mean: patience, flexibility, welcoming the unknown, expanding my horizons, and discovering how to stand at the crossroads of life with confidence.

Daring—as I described it—surely resonates with our MALS community. All of us in this shrinking economy are at some crossroad. Despite budget cutbacks, despite the gloomy employment forecast (although there was a triple digit job increase in January) MALS students are capable of leveraging their graduate degree to improve their career options.

Why? It’s simple and at the same time, it’s profound.

MALS grads possess a skill set essential for thinking outside the box, engaging in problem-solving, working on a team, and crafting the effective winning document. Notice how in our guest essays this month two MALS students transformed the way they see the world and make meaning in their lives. Be aware how other MALS grads have used their degree to advance or change their employment: Bryan who moved from a staff position in Admissions at one college to Assistant Director of Admissions at a larger university; Rachel who phased out her high school/college counseling business to launch a new and successful career as an events planner; Beatrice who abandoned retailing for more fulfilling work as a paralegal; Kathy who added the MALS humanities focus to her science background and is now the Assistant Director for Overseas Programs and Exchanges in our own Nazareth College Center for International Education.

Here’s my point: while I began my message with the word “daring,” I want to leave you with the words “crossroads” and “leverage.” In our constantly changing workforce, a MALS degree—precisely because of its interdisciplinary nature—prepares you with a skill set to stand at the crossroads of your future and move forward with confidence.

I invite you to reflect on your life during and after MALS. Contact us with your story. We want to hear from you.

Monica Weis, S.S.J.
MALS Director

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