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The Homepage

Have Questions?

For more information about our homepage, please contact:

Alicia Nestle
Assistant Director - New Media or 585-389-245

Or submit a ticket through our online form.

Submit a Ticket

If you have a homepage request, you can submit a ticket online HERE.

Nazareth College's homepage,, provides more outlets to highlight Nazareth projects, people, and events.

Submitting a story idea for the homepage

  1. Go to Share Your Story; an online form that allows you to submit story ideas and suggestions.
  2. Share your story idea with your school's dean.
  3. Contact Alicia Nestle

Policy on crafting content

The review process for homepage features, photo galleries, and spotlights is as follows:

  • Marketing and Communications team chooses topic to cover and conducts interviews, photography, video, etc.
  • Draft is submitted to dean and/or main contact of story for fact checking
  • 24 hours to review and submit changes to marketing and communications team
  • Changes made by marketing and communications team
  • Approved by dean and/or main contact for story
  • Story posted

Naz in the News: Weekly Newsletter

The public relations team is proud of the amount of quality media coverage Nazareth College garners each week, and to showcase the articles and news coverage, the PR team sends out an electronic newsletter through campus e-mail called "Naz in the News." Any relevant news clips for week appear in newsletter form, which goes out every Friday.

Disclaimer: Even though the marketing and communications department asks to handle media inquiries or be notified when a reporter calls a professor directly, the department doesn't always get every media clip featuring Nazareth College. Please e-mail notifications to Julie Long at if you have a news clip that you would like the PR team to know about.

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