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News and Events

Have Questions?

For more information about news and events, please contact:

Julie Long
Assistant Director—Media Relations
or 585-389-2456

Alicia Nestle
Assistant Director—New Media or 585-389-2457

Submit a Ticket

If you need help publicizing an event, you can submit a ticket online HERE.

News and Events

What is newsworthy?

  • Timely event or happening
  • Something new about a topic that has been covered already
  • Research breakthroughs that impact or interest the general public
  • Well-known campus visitors
  • Major announcements, such as an important award or significant gift or grant
  • Human interest stories about an extraordinary Nazareth community member or project
  • New majors/minors or new courses or components to courses that are tied to current events or are trendy/fun for the public to know about

How do I submit a news idea?

  1. Contact:
    Julie Long
    Assistant Director-media relations or 585-389-2456
    Alicia Nestle
    Assistant Director-new media or 585-389-2457
  2. Share Your Story - an online form that allows for the submission of story ideas and suggestions: Click here to submit a story

How do I submit an event for the homepage events calendar?

Students, faculty, and staff can submit events to appear on the homepage events calendar by submitting an event through the intake form.

Upon receipt of a completed form, a marketing and communications team member will review the submission, make any necessary changes for web publication, and publish the event for inclusion in all campus event feeds.

Submission of an event does not guarantee that it will appear on any Nazareth College webpage. The marketing and communications department has final authority to approve or deny event submissions.

How does the public relations team find news on campus?

The PR team uses a "beat system" in which the team meets on a monthly basis with the deans of the four schools to glean news and story ideas.

  • College of Arts and Sciences (Julie Long)
  • School of Education (Julie Long)
  • School of Health and Human Services (Alicia Nestle)
  • School of Management (Alicia Nestle)

What are the different methods for getting the word out?

  • Press release posted in News section of the homepage
  • Press release/media advisory e-mailed and faxed to reporters
  • Events Calendar posts on the homepage
  • Online calendars: If an event is newsworthy and a press release is written by the public relations team, it will also be added to the online calendars of local news stations, newspapers, and radio stations
  • homepage Feature, Photo Gallery, or Spotlight
  • Social Media: The College has official accounts with Facebook, Twitter, TypePad, Flickr, and YouTube
  • Print publications such as: printing posters, postcards, brochures, or other promotional materials for an event

Other ways to publicize an event

For help designing and printing posters, postcards, brochures or other promotional materials for an event:

How far ahead of time should one request a press release?

Ideally, the public relations team tries to send press releases out at least two weeks in advance of an event. Information, therefore, is required three weeks before the event. This allows the PR team time to gather information, write the release, and decide which reporters to contact about the news idea.

Understandably, some events come up quickly and with little planning. The PR team will try its best to get the information out to the media. Short notice does put a strain on internal and external schedules, however, and is less likely to run in the paper, on television, or on the radio.

How to help get the word out

  • Share your story ideas with the public relations team or your school's dean
  • Fill out the Share Your Story online form.
  • Share your informed opinion - faculty members make great commentators and can raise the visibility of the College

Media Coverage

The marketing and communications department cannot guarantee media coverage.

Press releases and pitches let reporters and editors know about Nazareth College activities, but there is no guarantee that media will show up to cover an event.

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