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Public Relations

Public Relations Contact Info:

Julie Long
Assistant Director—Media Relations
or 585-389-2456

Alicia Nestle
Assistant Director—New Media or 585-389-2457

Liz Zapata
Director of Marketing and Communications or 585-389-2461

Public Relations

Nazareth College's marketing and communications department is home to the College's public relations (PR) team. The PR team assists reporters looking for expert commentary from Nazareth’s faculty or staff and handles all media photo/video requests.

The PR team works with Nazareth students, faculty and staff to issue news releases, identify media opportunities, pitch stories to reporters, arrange media interviews, and monitor print and electronic press coverage of Nazareth College. The team also assists with crisis communications.

Under NO circumstances should a staff or faculty member contact the press without going through the marketing and communications department. If, for some unavoidable reason, prior communication with the PR team is not possible, then the PR team should be notified as soon as possible after contact with the media.

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