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This page includes:

Creating a portlet

Portlets are optional content features that can be added to the sidebar of any page. Types of portlets include:

  • Blog feeds
  • Calendar/events
  • Callouts
  • Images
  • Flickr photo galleries
  • Related information
  • Spotlights
  • YouTube

To add a portlet to your page, select the "manage portlets" box from the upper left of your screen.

pg.24 manage-create portlet.JPG

The resulting screen will show two areas where you can add portlets: the right sidebar (where most will go), and the left sidebar (under the navigation). Left sidebar is primarily for callouts or showing a mini-calendar.

pg.24 manage-create portlet 2.JPG

To create a portlet, click on the Add portlet… dropdown menu, and select a portlet type.

Portlet types

Related Information Portlet

To create a related information portlet, select "static related info portlet" from the dropdown menu. Add and format copy in the text box.
To format copy in this textbox , use Creole markup.
When copy is entered and formatted, click save.
pg.25 related info portlet.JPG

Image Portlet

To create an image portlet, select "image portlet" from the dropdown menu.
The following screen will open. From here, follow the same instructions as adding an image.

If you wish a caption to appear, fill in "headline" and "caption" fields.
Finally, select "normal" if the image has a caption, and "promo" if no caption.

pg.25 image portlet.JPG

Flickr Portlet

To insert a flickr gallery, select "flickr portlet" from the dropdown menu.
Follow the instructions above each of the fields.

pg.25 flikr portlet.JPG

Callout Portlet

pg.26 callout portlet 2.JPG

To create a callout portlet, select "callout portlet" from the dropdown menu. Add a headline (optional) and body copy.
When copy is entered and formatted, click save.

pg.26 callout portlet 1.JPG

Blog Portlet

To create a blog portlet, select "blog portlet" from the dropdown menu.

Follow the instructions on the form. Most reload timeouts have been set at 100 minutes.

To find the URL of the blog you want to post, go to the Naz homepage, and click on blogs in the footer. All the Nazareth blogs will appear.
Select the blog you want, and copy its web address from the address bar. This is the URL. They will start with

pg.26 blog portlet.JPG

Reordering Portlets

The order portlets appear is easily changed. Go to the "manage portlets" screen; you will see the page's portlets listed on the right. You can either click the arrows next to each to order portlets, or you can "weight" them. For example a lighter weight of "10" would appear higher on the page than a weight of "50."
pg.27 reordering portlets.JPG

Editing Portlets

To edit a portlet, go to the "manage portlets" view, click on the title of the portlet and the edit box will appear. Make your edits and click "save." To get back to your page view, click "return" in the middle of the manage portlets page view.

Deleting Portlets

To delete a portlet, simply go to the "manage portlets" view and click the red "x" to the right of the portlet.

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