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Creating Modules

Modules are specially formatted content areas that are specific to a page type.  Examples include:

  • Show/Hide
  • Resources
  • Quick info (on profile pages)
  • Q & A (on profile pages)
  • Images
    p.19 modules

Module Types


To create/edit a show/hide module, go to the edit screen of your page.
Choose the “modules” tab from the menu.

Type in the title of your show/hide section in the "main headline" box.

p.19 showhide content

To begin creating the subsection, click on the + box to “add” a subsection.  A subhead and body area will appear.  Enter your content.  If you have additional entries, click the + box again.

To delete a show/hide, simply delete all its contents.

Resources Module

 To create/edit a show/hide module, go to the edit screen of your page.

p.20 resources format

Choose the "modules" tab from the menu.  Scroll down to the bottom of the edit screen where you will see the "resource" box.

pg.20 resources module.JPG

Enter copy and links.  Link formatting instructions are noted above the text box: URL|link name.

To delete resources, simply delete all its content.


Image/Video Module

To create an image or video module, go to the edit screen of your page.  Choose the "multimedia" tab from the menu.

Once the screen opens, click on the + box to begin adding the image.

p.20 image-video module 1

A "standard" image has room for a caption, which you enter as title and description. 

A "promo" image is just an image on its own.

Click "browse" to locate the image on your computer.

p.20 image-video module 2

Note: even if you are entering a "promo" image (with no caption), fill in the title field as this will be the image alt-text.

Formatting Text in Modules using Creole

The modules do not have their own text editor, so you will need to use the Creole mark up language.  The following formatting is available in modules:





Bulleted lists

*bullet item 1 (include space!)


**bullet item 2


***sub-bulleted item

Numbered lists

# numbered item 1 (include space!)


# numbered item 2


[[URL | Link text]]

Line break

Use a double return between last line and next line


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