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Documents and Images

This page includes:

Adding Images

Header Image

Image banners are added on the “default” screen when you first create or edit a page.  They are automatically sized, relative to the page template. 

  1. To add a header image, scroll to the bottom of the edit screen where you will see the fields for entering your data.

    p.12 header image

  2. Click the “browse” button to find your image on your computer.  When you find the file, double click it to select.  The file path will now appear in the header image box.
  3. Enter a description of the image in the alt text box and click the “save” button.

Sidebar Image

Sidebar images are entered as “portlets” or “multimedia” modules .  See portlet and module sections.

Image in the body copy

To add an image in your body copy, place your cursor where you want the image to appear.

  1. Select the “insert image” tree button.

    p.13 step 1

  2. The “insert image” dialog box will pop up, giving you two choices: click on a file that’s already in the content management system to find your image; or click on the “upload image here” button to retrieve an image from your personal files.

    p.13 step 2

  3. If you click on the “upload image here” button, follow the same process for adding an image as you did for uploading a banner image (above).
  4. Once you have selected your image, you will need to fill in a description (will not show on the page) and choose alignment and size. 

    p.13 step 3-5

  5. Click save.  Note: if you need to make adjustments once you have saved, simply click on the image and then the tree button again.  Your image dialog box will pop back up and you can make changes.

Creating an Image Gallery

The Nazareth website uses Flickr to create and store our photo galleries.  The content management system can be set up to pull galleries from the Nazareth account.

To create a new gallery page:

  1. Go to the contents of the section you would like to place a photo gallery.
  2. Go to the “add new…” tab, and select “folder” from the dropdown.  Name the folder.

    p.14 step 2

  3. From the folder view, select the “display” tab, and the “gallery view” from the dropdown.

    p.14 step 3

  4. You will now see “gallery settings” option in your menu bar. 

    p.14 step 4

  5. Select gallery settings, and begin on the Main screen by selecting “Flickr” from the dropdown.  Other settings can remain as is.

    p.15 step 5

  6. Click next on the “Type Settings Tab.”  This is where you’ll enter the ID number of the photo set from Flickr.

    p.15 flikr

Flickr username – NazarethCollege (no spaces)
Flickr set name/id – the assigned to a specific set of photos.
To find the ID, go to the Nazareth Flickr section by:

  1. Going to
  2. Scroll to the footer at the bottom
  3. Click on Flickr link

Once you get to the Nazareth Flickr page, click on “sets” in the menu bar.

p.15 flikr sets
Choose the photo set you wish to display.
The id is in the address bar at the top of the page.

p.15 flikr sets toolbar

Adding PDFs and Other Documents

To post a pdf or other document to a page, you will first need to upload the file to a folder, and then create a link to it.

Uploading the document to a folder.

  1. Go to the root folder for your section (ex:
  2. Scroll down and select the “documents” folder.
  3. Select “add new…” from the menu, and then “file”.
  4. Give the file a title and description, and select the “upload” button which will take you to your computer files. Locate the file you wish to upload, and click save.

    pg.22 documents.JPG

Linking to the document

  1. Add the copy you wish to link.
  2. Highlight the link copy, and select the chain link button from the editor.
  3. Navigate to the document in the dialog box by going to the “documents” folder within your section.
  4. Once you find your file, select it and hit “okay.”

Replacing a document with an updated version

  1. Go to the documents folder; click on the document
  2. Select “edit” from the menu bar
  3. On the edit screen, choose the option “replace with new file;” choose the file from your desk top; save.
  4. This will replace the file, but keep your link intact.
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