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Nazareth College logo

The Nazareth College graphic identity consists of its primary logo and its sub-brands: College of Arts and Sciences, School of Health and Human Services, School of Management, School of Education, Arts Center, Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue, Center for International Education, and Alumni & Friends.

The logos have been specifically drawn and exist in digital format for consistent reproduction. The logos and accompanying type should never be redrawn. Click here for a complete list of incorrect usages.

Logo Guidelines

Using the logo consistently will help to raise the visibility and recognition of Nazareth College. The primary goal of following these guidelines is to provide maximum legibility of Nazareth College's logo. The prescribed logo formats are shown here. Do not use the logo in any formats other than the ones provided.

Do not reset or reproportion the logo, or use it so that the integrity is compromised, the form distorted, and the legibility impeded. Keep in mind that consistent use and maximum legibility are important.

Safety ZoneLogo - safety zone

Sufficient space (safety zone) around the logo is required so that it stands apart from surrounding visual elements. The safety zone is defined by the "N" in "Nazareth." Do not place items within this area.

Minimum Size

The smallest size the logo should appear at is 0.36 inches (print) or 25 pixels (web) high.


Logo - 2 color4-color usage:
CMYK = 75|85|0|0 + 0|30|100|0

2-color usage:
Coated Stock = Pantone 268 + 130
Uncoated Stock = PMS mix (95.28 violet, 1.72 proc. blue, 3.0 black) + PMS mix (96.92 yellow, 2.93 rubine, 0.15 black)
Web = #632C82 + #FDB913

Logo - 1 color (purple)1-color usage (purple):
Coated Stock = Pantone 268
Uncoated Stock = PMS mix (95.28 violet, 1.72 proc. blue, 3.0 black)
CMYK = 75|85|0|0
Web = #632C82

Logo - 1 color (grayscale)1-color usage (grayscale):
Print = 100% black + 65% black
Web = #000000 + #666666

Logo - 1 color (black)1-color usage (black):
Print = 100% black
Web = #000000

Logo - 1 color (white)1-color usage (white):
Use sparingly; place only on a background of Nazareth purple or a neutral color. The white logo may not be tinted.

Note: The logos on this page are for web display only; do not use them on any printed materials.

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