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Incorrect Usage

Icons & Avatars

Favicons (16 x 16 pixel square icons associated with particular websites) are not logos and are restricted to designated web-use only. Similarly, Nazareth icons and avatars created for social media outlets (such as Facebook and Twitter) are to be used only for the designated outlet.

Following are several examples of incorrect logo usage: instances where the legibility is diminished, the integrity compromised, the form distorted, and the impact reduced. Keep in mind that the primary goal is to provide maximum legibility.

To reiterate, the logo is not to be used as text.

Examples of what NOT to do:

Under NO circumstances should you attempt to recreate the logo with text.

Incorrect Logo - text

Do NOT stretch or squish the logo.

Incorrect Logo - stretch  Incorrect Logo - squish

Do NOT change the proportion of "Nazareth" to "College."

Incorrect Logo - proportion

Do NOT center or left-align "College" beneath "Nazareth."

Incorrect Logo - centered  Incorrect Logo - stacked

Do NOT abbreviate "Nazareth."

Incorrect Logo - abbreviated

Do NOT place "Nazareth" and "College" on the same line.

Incorrect Logo - single line

Do NOT use "Nazareth" alone.

Incorrect Logo - Nazareth only

Do NOT swap the colors or use different colors.

Incorrect Logo - color swap Incorrect Logo - color wrong

Do NOT place on backgrounds that render the logo illegible.

Incorrect Logo - background

NEVER use any of the College's old logos.

Incorrect Logo - old
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