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College Identifiers

Need a College Identifier?

To request an identifier, please contact:

Kim Dunay
Editorial Assistant or 585-389-2450

Specify if you prefer JPEG, PNG, or EPS files; black and white, color, or both.

The Nazareth College logo is the College's primary mark. It should always appear in a prominent visual field on all brochures, print and electronic publications, websites, and forms of stationery. Schools and centers have individually-designed signatures that feature their names in combination with the College logo.

Logo - Nazareth College seal

The College's seal should be reserved for official and ceremonial uses such as diplomas, certificates, and awards. Decisions on when to use the seal rest with the director of marketing and communications.

The Golden Flyer is the official mascot of Nazareth College and is used primarily for athletic-related events and merchandising. It should not be used, or abstracted for use, in place of Nazareth College's primary logo.

Logo - Athletics

Logo - Naz Nickname

Note: The college identifiers on this page are for web display only; do not use them on any printed materials.

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