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Graphic Identity and Messaging Toolkit

Have Questions?

For more information about identity and branding, please contact:

Kate Philbin
Director of Marketing and Communications or 585-389-2451.

Graphic Identity and Messaging Toolkit

We are pleased to present an electronic version of the graphic identity and messaging toolkit for Nazareth College.

This identity provides a flexible framework for all Nazareth College's staff, outside designers, freelance writers, partners, and other individuals responsible for the conceptualization, writing, design, and production of Nazareth College's printed and electronic communications.

Taken as a whole, these guidelines convey our vision and present recommended message concepts and visual language we use to formally describe our work and ourselves. The growth and longevity of Nazareth College requires consistent usage of our message, marks, and colors to promote good design, effective communication, and a professional image.

Our identity expresses Nazareth College's unrelenting commitment to producing informed leaders and engaged citizens.

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