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School of Management

School of Management

Our mission is to help students develop the competence and confidence to achieve their personal and professional goals. This is accomplished through dedicated faculty and learner-centered programs that are global, ethical, entrepreneurial and experiential.

In a world where everything changes very quickly, business and management education must be more than learning how to prepare a business plan. It should include an exploration of the beliefs, values and behaviors that will allow you to lead and manage in an effective and ethical manner.

Throughout our program we will frequently ask you to examine your beliefs and assumptions. We will ask you to look at the challenges of business and management from multiple perspectives.

In most classes you will work in teams and exchange views with students representing a variety of backgrounds. Our belief is that such experiences help to create the analytical, conceptual and interpersonal intelligence needed to manage yourself and lead others in a dynamic and global environment.

Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate and graduate programs. I welcome your questions and comments.

Gerard F. Zappia
Dean, School of Management
(585) 389-2570

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