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Business Internships

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Emily Carpenter
Director of Internships

(585) 389-2571

An internship is a part-time (8-16 hours per week), one-semester work experience. Upon successful completion of the internship, the student earns three hours of academic credit which may be applied as either a major requirement or a free elective.

An internship may also be completed during the summer, and may be full or part-time. Many internships are located at businesses in Rochester, but there are also internships available in Albany, Washington D.C., Disney World and in several international settings. A summer internship is worth three hours of academic credit as well.

Internship FAQs

What jobs do interns have?

Participating employers are given considerable flexibility to design internship jobs to meet both their own needs and the needs of the intern. Positions usually focus on one of four areas:

  1. Applied research and planning
  2. Supervision and management with planning responsibilities
  3. Structured (usually rotational) training
  4. Projects involving research, training, or assumption of some responsibilities of the internship supervisor

When planning an internship, each position is described in a proposal or job description, which is submitted to Nazareth by the employer. Internships are available in a wide variety of worksites, including corporations, social service agencies, small businesses, government offices and arts organizations.

While the range of internships available through the college is very wide, it is always possible to design an independent internship that fits a student's specific goals. The college internship office has information on how to do this.

Who is eligible?

Juniors and seniors in all majors with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better are eligible. Applicants must have satisfied all college and major requirements commensurate with their class standing. Additional coursework or skill levels may be required by specific employers.

What are the academic requirements?

Internships are graded on a pass/fail basis. The following must be completed in order to satisfy program requirements:

  • Submission of a project at the end of the internship. This project could be a summary of a project completed during the internship, a portfolio of work done during the internship, a written evaluation of skills learned during the internship, or other work agreed upon by the intern and his or her faculty sponsor.
  • A performance appraisal, written by the intern's employer, at the end of the internship period.
  • Attendance at monthly internship seminars and submission of a short written assignment for each seminar.

How does a student apply?

Internship assignments are competitive and designed to simulate an actual employment process. Interested students must submit a current resume and an internship application form. Students who meet eligibility requirements may compete for up to three internships.

After preliminary on-campus screening, qualified students will be recommended to specific employers who will make the final employment decision.

For more information, contact: Emily Carpenter, Director of Internships (585) 389-2571 (mail to:

What organizations participate?

Organizations participating in the Nazareth College Internship program include:

  • Paychex
  • Dixon Schwabl
  • Insero, Kaperski and Ciaccia
  • Highland Hospital
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Buck & Pulleyn
  • Eric Mower & Assoc.
  • Paetec
  • Butler-Till Media
  • Many more...
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