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Human Resource Development

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Program Quick Info

The goal of the HRD professional is to:

  • improve the performance of organizations by maximizing the efficiency and performance of its human capital (organization development interventions and change initiatives are the tools for accomplishing this)
  • develop knowledge and skills across the employee population (by assessing learning needs and matching appropriate training and skill development to fill this gap)
  • help create a work environment where job performance and organizational commitment is high (career planning and leadership development are pieces of this)
  • sustain improvement by engaging others in finding solution to problems 

The MS in Human Resource Development Degree Program is designed to bring theories and best practices into focus for those who serve, or wish to serve, in strategic HR roles as administrators of HRD programs, training program directors, management development facilitators, organization development consultants, career development advisors or leadership coaches.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible & Fast: All classes are offered in the evening and throughout the calendar year to better suit your schedule.  The program consists of eleven courses that can be completed in two calendar years, or longer, to suit your pace and timing.
  • Career Focused: Geared toward the professional who wishes to advance and/or change careers by helping organizations develop their human capital for a competitive advantage. 
  • Relevance: Developed for HRD professionals by HRD Professionals. The program will focus on theories and practice that best advances your development as a leader and coach. The program has a strong emphasis on an applications orientation.
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