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Teaching and Learning Technology

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The Teaching and Learning Technology Team

The Teaching and Learning Technology Team consists of the offices of the Instructional Designer and the Instructional Technology Specialist. 

Located on the main floor of the Lorette Wilmot Library are the offices of the Instructional Technology Specialist (L233), the Instructional Designer (L235) and the faculty and staff Training Room (L234). The Training Room is a multipurpose facility providing faculty and staff a dedicated area for webinars, conference calls, tech training, meetings or individual Mac and PC work stations. 


Teaching and Learning Technology

Faculty and Staff Training Room L234

The Faculty and Staff Training Room is a multi-purpose facility available to faculty and staff. Located in Room 234 of the Library, it is primarily used by the Instructional Technology Specialist and Instructional Designer for individual and small group training. However, the room can also be use for other group and/or individualized technology training, collaborative sessions, webinars, conference calls and as a computer/technology lab space for all faculty and staff. In this room you will find the following equipment:

  • Three iMac desktop computers and a wide assortment of software
  • Two Dell desktop computers and a wide assortment of software
  • Dell and MacBook Pro Laptops for training sessions
  • Color Laser Printer
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Smartboard (interactive white board)
  • MediaScape conference/training table (six stations)
  • 48 inch display monitor
  • Assorted small peripherals for trial use and practice (iPad, iPod, Flip Video, Audio Recorder...)

The Instructional Technology Specialist

The Instructional Technology Specialist provides technology training and support to faculty, staff and students at Nazareth. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Administers Moodle sites
  • Offers formal technology training workshops (Moodle, Office, Acrobat, Google Docs)
  • Provides training materials, instruction and support for new technology initiatives on campus (Astra, Plone, Smartboards, Zimbra, Google Apps, Active Collab)
  • Works with the Instructional Designer in support of online courses
  • Provides individual instruction and support to faculty and staff upon request
  • A link to the schedule of formal training workshops is found elsewhere on this page.

To schedule a consultation or seek assistance:

Phone: 389-2117
Office: Library 233

The Instructional Designer

The Instructional Designer provides professional development and support for course design. This includes

  • redesigning or creating courses for fully online or hybrid delivery
  • using Moodle for learning activities in online, hybrid, and blended courses
  • developing online learning activities, such as podcasts, discussion forums, wikis, and collaborative projects

To schedule a consultation or seek assistance:

Phone: 389-2432 Email: Office: Library 235

See the "Workshops and Training" link for current workshops.

The Spring 2013 class "Creating Online and Hybrid Courses at Nazareth College" will begin in January 2013. The class is for Dean-approved faculty preparing to teach fully online or hybrid Moodle courses. Limited to 15 participants, priority is given to faculty developing online/hybrid courses for delivery in Summer or Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.

As a result of the class, each participant

  • will have a well-designed online/hybrid Moodle course nearly ready for teaching in an upcoming semester, with a plan for completion
  • will be able to maintain a teaching presence in the online course without feeling chained to the computer 24/7
  • will be able to engage students in active learning activities online
  • will be able to link student learning outcomes to assessment in an online environment
  • will have a network of support at Nazareth for successful online teaching

Nazareth faculty who successfully complete "Creating Online and Hybrid Courses at Nazareth College" receive a stipend of $300; in lieu of a course load reduction, when the participant first delivers the course online or in the hybrid format, the participant receives an additional $1500.

Enrollment procedure: Faculty interested in the class should first contact their respective Deans, except faculty in College of Arts and Science who should first contact their respective Department Chairs and then contact their Dean. An approval email to instructor Kate Collier from the faculty's Dean will insure the faculty's enrollment in the class.

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